Nº 8 I. Akobia & P. Arestov ( Georgia – Russia)

Seccion B.1.

Iuri Akobia & Pavel Arestov ( Georgia – Russia)


1.Re3! rook goes under the pin! Not a easy move, because is obvious loss of the rook for the black bishop.
1… Bd2 2.Nxe2 with the main lines:
A) – 2…e5+! 3.Kf3! Bxe3 4.Kxe3 f1Q 5.Nxf1 Kxf1 6.c6 Kg2 7.Nc1! Kg3 8.Nd3 Kg4 9.Nxe5+ Kg5!
9…Kf5? 10.c7+–

10.Nd7! Bf5 11.Kd4 Kg6 12.Ke5!
12.Kd5? Kf7 13.Kd6 Ke8 (Be4)=

12…Bh3 13.Kd6 Kf7 14.c7+–

B ) – 2…Bxe3+ 3.Kxe3 f1Q 4.Nxf1 Kxf1 5.c6 Bg8!
Thematic try 6.Nd4? e5 (6…Bd5? 7.c7 Bb7 8.Nf5 e5 9.Nd6 Ba6 10.Ke4 Ke2 11.Kxe5 Ke3 12.Kd5+–) 7.Nb5 Bd5! 8.c7 Be6! (8…Bb7? 9.Nd6 Ba6 10.Ke4 Ke2 11.Kxe5+–) 9.Ke4 (9.Nd6 Bd7! 10.Ke4 Ke2 11.Kxe5 Kd3 12.Kf6 Kd4 13.Ke7 Bh3=) 9…Ke2! (9…Bd7? 10.Nc3! Bc8 11.Kxe5+–) 10.Nd6 Bd7 11.Kxe5 Kd3!=

6.Nf4! and the play branches:
B1) – 6…Bc4 7.c7 Ba6 8.Nd5 e5! (or also 8…e6 9.Ne7 Bb7 10.Kd4 Kf2 11.Kc5 e5 12.Kb6+–) 9.Ke4 Ke2 10.Kxe5 Bb7
Thematic try 11.Kd4? Bc8! zz 12.Ne7 Bd7! zz 13.Nd5 Bc8 14.Nb6 Bb7! (14…Ba6? 15.Ke4! Bb7+ 16.Nd5 zz+–) 15.Kc5 Kd3 16.Nd5 Bc8 17.Nb6 Ba6 (b7)=;

11.Ke4! zz Kd2 12.Kd4 Kc2
12…Bc8 13.Nb6 Bb7 14.Nc4+ Kc2 15.Nd6+–

13.Ne7 Kb3 14.Kc5 Ka4 15.Kb6+–

B2) – 6…e5
Thematic try 7.Ng6? Bd5 8.c7 Bb7 (8…Be6? 9.Ke4 Ke2 10.Kxe5 Bc8 11.Ne7 Bd7 12.Kd6 Bh3 13.Nd5 Bc8 14.Nb6+–) 9.Nxe5 Ke1! 10.Nc4 Bc8 11.Nb6 (11.Nd6 Bd7! 12.Kd4 Ke2! zz 13.Kd5 Kd3=) 11…Bb7! 12.Nd5! Bc8 13.Ne7 Bd7 14.Kd4 Ke2 15.Kd5 Kd3 16.Ke5 Kc4 17.Kd6 Bh3=;

7.Nd3! Bd5 8.c7 Bb7 9.Nc5 Bc8 10.Ke4 Ke2 11.Kxe5 Ke3 12.Kd5! zz Kf4 13.Kd6 Kf5 14.Ke7! Ke5 15.Kd8 Bh3 16.Nd7+wins.