Nº12 Oleg Pervakov


Section B.2.

Oleg Pervakov (Russia)


1.f8Q? Rf3+ 2.Kg5 Ne6+ 3.Kh4 (3.Kxh5 Nxf8 4.g7 Nd7–+; 3.Kh6 Nxf8 4.g7 Rxf6+ 5.Kxh5 Rf2–+) 3…Nxf8 4.g7 Ng6+!–+

1…b2 2.Ba2=

2.Kg5 Kxc4 3.f8Q! Ne6+ 4.Kh6!
Thematic try: 4.Kxh5? Nxf8 5.g7 Rxf6 zz 6.g8Q+ Ne6! zz 7.Qc8+ Nc5 8.Qg4+ Kb5!–+; 4.Kh4? Nxf8 5.g7 Ng6+!–+

4…Nxf8 5.g7 Rxf6+ 6.Kxh5 zz. One of two unique mutual zugzwang positions in the material «pawn versus rook, knight and pawn» 6…Rf5+ 7.Kh6! Rf6+ 8.Kh5 Ne6 9.g8Q zz. Another mutual zugzwang 9…b2
9…Rf5+ 10.Kh6! Re5 11.Qe8! b2 12.Qa4+ Kc3 13.Qa3+=

10.Qc8+ Nc5 11.Qg4+ Kb5
11…Kc3 12.Qg5=

12.Qe2+! =