Nº6 Michael Pasman

Section A


Michael Pasman (Israel)


1.Kd2? Nc4+ 2.Kd3 Ne5+ 3.Kc2 Nd7 4.h7+ Kg7=

1…Kg7 2.Kd2!! White defends against black’s threat Nd7! Now white’s main threat is Rf6. The black queen is blocked by white pieces
2.Ne6+? Kxh7 3.Rf7+ Kg6 4.Rf6+ Qxf6=
2.Kd3?? Nd7 3.Nxd7 Qxh7+
2.Ne2?? Nd7! 3.Nxd7 Qe8+; 2.Rf6?? Nd5+–+

2…Nd7! trying to escape with the queen
2…Nc4+ 3.Kc1 a3 (3…Ne5 4.Rf6! Nd7 5.Ne6+ Kxh7 6.Rh6+) 4.Rf6! a2 5.Ne6+ Kxh7 6.g6+! (6.Rh6+ Kg8) 6…Kh6 7.g7++-
after 2…Nd5 the simplest is: 3.Ne2 a3 4.Nd4 a2 5.Nde6#
The main idea is seen after 2…a3 3.Rf6! a2 (3…Nd7 4.Ne6+! Kxh7 5.Rh6+ Kg8 6.Rxh8++-) 4.Ne6+ Kxh7 5.g6+ Kh6 6.g7++-

3.Nxd7 Qd8
3…a3 4.Nf8! a2 5.Ne2 a1Q 6.Ne6+ Kxh7 7.Rxa1+-
the same is after 3…Qe8 4.h8Q+!; or 3…Qa8 4.h8Q+!+-
3…Qxh7 4.Rf7+! Kxf7 5.g6++- as main

4.h8Q+! forcing the queen to be moved back to the corner 4…Qxh8
[4…Kxh8 5.Rf8++-

5.Rf8! Qh7
5…Qh5 6.Rg8+! Kf7 7.Nf6! the queen is trapped, so black tries his luck with replaced queen: 7…h3 8.Rg7+ Kf8 9.Nxh5 h2 10.Nh3 h1Q 11.N3f4!+- and black can’t avoid mate ot loss of the queen

6.Rf7+! Kxf7 7.g6+! Qxg6
7…Kxg6 8.Nf8++-

8.Ne5+ Kf6 9.Nxg6 Kxg6 10.c4! Kf5 11.Kc3 Ke4 12.Kb4 Kd4 13.Nf3+ Kd3 14.c5+-