Nº9 Jan Timman & Mario García


Section B.1.

Jan Timman & Mario García (Netherlands -Argentina)


Try: 1.Ne4? Kd8! (1…Ke8? 2.Re6+ Kd8 3.Ka6! Qa1+ 4.Kb7 Qg7+ 5.Ka8 Qa1 6.Rd5+ Kc7 (6…Kc8 7.Rc6#) 7.Re7+ Kc6 8.Rd6+ Kb5 9.Rd1! Qxd1 10.Nc3++-) 2.Ka6 Qg1! (2…Qe7? 3.Rd6+ Ke8 4.Rdd5! Qa3+ 5.Ra5 Qe3 6.Re5+ Kf8 7.Rf5+ Kg7 8.Rg5+ Kh6 9.Rxh5+ Kg6 10.Rag5+ Kf7 11.Rh7+ Ke6 (11…Kf8 12.Rf5+ Kg8 13.Nf6+ Kf8 14.Ng4+ /d5+-) 12.Rh6+ Ke7 13.Re5+ Kf8 14.Rf6+ Kg8 15.Re8+ Kg7 16.Re7+ Kg8 (16…Kh8 17.Rf8#) 17.Rd6 Qa3+ 18.Kb7 Qa5 19.Rc7+-) 3.Rd5+ Ke7!= positional draw

or 1…Kd8 2.Rd6+ Ke8 (2…Kc8 3.Rc6+ Kd8 4.Nf6+-) 3.Nf6+ Kf8 4.Rd8++-

Tries: a) 2.Ka6? Qg1! 3.Rd6 (3.Re6+ Kd7 4.Re7+ Kd6 5.Rxa7 Qa1+ 6.Kb7 Qg7+ 7.Ka8 Qg8+=) 3…Qa1+! (3…h4? 4.Nc7+ Kf7 (4…Ke7 5.Rbd5+-) 5.Rf5+ Kg8 6.Ne6 Qa1+ 7.Ra5 Qh1 8.Kxa7 h3 9.Rg5+ Kf7 10.Rg7+ Kf6 11.Rh7+-) 4.Ra5 Qe1! 5.Nc7+ Kf7 6.Rf5+ (6.Rd7+ Kg6=) 6…Ke7 7.Rh6 (7.Rdf6 Bd4! 8.Rf7+ Kd8 9.Kb7 Be5!=) 7…Bg1! 8.Nd5+ Kd7 9.Rf7+ Ke8= positional draw;
b) 2.Rb4? Qg3! (2…h4? 3.Ka6 Qg2 4.Re6+ Kf8 5.Rf4+ Kg7 6.Re7+ Kg8 7.Nf6+ Kf8 8.Ree4 Qa2+ 9.Ra4 Qc2 10.Nd5+ Kg8 11.Kxa7 Qc5+ 12.Nb6+-; 2…Qg2 3.Rd6 Qa2+ 4.Ra4 Qc2 5.Re4+ Kf8 6.Rd8+ Kg7 7.Re7+ Kg6 8.Rxa7+-) 3.Re4+ Kd8 4.Rf8+ Kd7 5.Nf6+ Kd6! (5…Kc7? 6.Rf7+ Kd6 7.Kb4 Bc5+ 8.Kc4 Qh3 9.Ne8+ Kc6 10.Rf6+ Kd7 (10…Kb7 11.Kxc5 Qc3+ 12.Kd5 Qd3+ 13.Ke5+-) 11.Kxc5 Qc3+ 12.Kb6 Qb3+ 13.Ka7 Qa2+ 14.Ra6 Qf7 15.Nd6+-) 6.Rd8+ Kc5 7.Rd5+ Kc6 8.Re6+ (8.Rc4+ Kb7 9.Rb5+ Ka8 10.Rc8+ Bb8=) 8…Kb7 9.Rd7+ Ka8 10.Re8+ Bb8 11.Nd5 Qa3+= positional draw
c) 2.Re6+? Kf8 3.Ka6 Qa1+!=

2…Kd8 3.Ka6! (3.Rd6+? Kc8 4.Rc2+ Kb8! 5.Rc3 Qe5!=) 3…Qg3 4.Rf8+ Kd7 5.Rb7+ Kd6 (5…Ke6 6.Nf4++-) 6.Rd8++-
2…Qg4 3.Rb7 Qe2 (3…Bc5 4.Ra6 Qc8 5.Rh7 Bd4 6.Nc7+ Kf8 7.Rh8++-) 4.Re6+ Qxe6 5.Nc7++-

3.Re2+ Kd7 4.Rb2 Ke8 5.Rc2 is a loss of time

3…Qg4 4.Rcc6 Bd4 5.Rce6++-
3…Kd8 4.Rd6+-

4.Re2+ Kd8
4…Kd7 5.Re7++-

5.Rf8+ Kd7 6.Nf6+ Kc6 7.Rc2+!

7.Re6+? Kb7 8.Rf7+ Ka8 9.Re8+ Bb8 10.Nd5 Qa3+=

7…Kd6 8.Ne4++-

8.Rb2+ Kc7
8…Kc6 9.Rc8+ Kd6 10.Ne4++-

9.Rf7+ Kc6
9…Kd8 10.Rd2+ Kc8 eg 11.Rc2+ Kb8 12.Nd7+ Ka8 13.Rc8+ Kb7 14.Nb6++-

10.Rc2+ Bc5 11.Rxc5+ Kxc5 12.Ne4++-

Theme Domination: Two Rooks and a minor piece against equal forces