Nº1 Valery Kalashnikov


Section A.

Valery Kalashnikov (Russia)


Urgent struggle against a pawn will be finished by doubles attacks not for the benefit of white. 1.Rh5? Re8+ 2.Kd2 (or 2.Be3!? Rxe3+ 3.Kf1 Ng3+–+ double attack) 2…Ng3 3.Rxh2 Nf1+–+ double attack
Checks? And what for? 1.Re3+? Kb4! 2.Rh3 Ra1+ 3.Ke2 Ng3+ 4.Kf3 h1Q+ 5.Rxh1 Nxh1–+

1…Ka2 2.Re2+= double attack

2.Re3+ Kc4 3.Re4+
Logical try 3.Rh3? position X with bKc4 3…Re8+ 4.Kf1 Ng3+ 5.Kg2 h1Q+ 6.Rxh1 Nxh1–+

3…Kd5 4.Rh4 Re8+ 5.Be3! Rxe3+ 6.Kf1 Ng3+ 7.Kf2 h1Q 8.Rxh1 Nxh1+ 9.Kxe3=

4.Re3+ Kd4 5.Rh3 position X with bKd4 5…Re8+ 6.Kf1 Ng3+ 7.Kg2 h1Q+ 8.Rxh1 Nxh1 The pawn is not detained, but exchanges the new queen, and black king on the necessary point! In the figured baby – classical motives and theme of the author (article in N115 «Shakhmatnaya Kompozitsiya» 2014 Year and 22th UAPA Tournament 2023 Year).

Prematurely 9.Kxh1? Re1+–+ double attack
logic try 9.Bb2+? Kd3 10.Kxh1 Re1+ 11.Kg2 Re2+–+ double attack

With two lines

A) 9…Re1 10.Bh2 Ke4 11.Bg1 Kf4
11…Ng3 12.Bf2= double attack

12.Kxh1 Kg3 minimal ideal echo – stalemate with pin.

B) 9…Rh8 10.Bh2 Ke3
10…Nf2 11.Bg1= pin

11.Kxh1 Kf2 minimal ideal echo – stalemate with pin.