Nº14 Oleg Pervakov


Section B.2.

Oleg Pervakov (Russia)


Thematic try: 1.Rb4+? Kd3 2.Rxb3+ Kc2! (2…Kc4? 3.Rc3+! Kb4 4.Rh4+=) 3.Rb2+!? Kxb2 4.h8Q+ Ka2 5.Kh2!? f1R! (5…f1Q? 6.Ra5+! Rxa5 7.Qb2+ Kxb2=; 5…Rh1+? 6.Kxh1 f1Q+ 7.Kh2 Qf2+ 8.Kh1!=) 6.Qd4 Rh1+ 7.Kg3!? Rg7+! (7…Rfg1+? 8.Kf4! Rf7+ 9.Ke5! Rxh5+ 10.Ke6=) 8.Qxg7 Rhg1+ 9.Kh2 Rxg7–+

1…Kf5? 2.Rf8++-

2.Rh5+ Kc6 3.Rh6+!
3.Rc8+? Kb7 4.Rb8+ Ka6 5.Rh6+ Ka5 6.Rh5+ Ka4 7.Rh4+ Ka3–+

3…Kc7 4.Rc8+! Kb7 5.Rb8+ Kc7 6.Rc8+ Kd7 7.Rd8+ Ke7 8.Re8+ Kd7 9.Rd8+= Perpetual check

4.Rh5+ Kc4 5.Rh4+ Kd3! 6.Rxb3+
6.Rd4+? Kc3 7.Rc8+ Kb2–+

6…Kc2 7.Rb2+!
7.Rc3+? Kd2–+; 7.Rf3? Ra3!–+

7…Kxb2 8.h8Q+ Ka2! 9.Kh2! f1R!
9…f1Q 10.Ra4+! Rxa4 11.Qb2+! (11.Qg8+? Qc4!–+) 11…Kxb2= Stalemate

10.Qe8! It is necessary to leave line «h» and take control of f7 square.
10.Qd4? Rh1+ 11.Kg2 Rg7+! 12.Qxg7 Rhg1+ 13.Kh2 Rxg7–+

10…Rh1+ 11.Kg3 Rg7+ 12.Rg4 Rfg1+ 13.Kf2!

13.Kf3? Rh3+! Protecting the 3rd horizontal. 14.Kf2 R7xg4–+ (14…R1xg4–+)

13…Rf1+ 14.Kg3 Rhg1+ 15.Kh3 Rh7+
15…Rf3+ 16.Kh2 R1xg4 17.Qe2+!=

16.Rh4 Rh1+
16…Rf3+ 17.Kh2 Rxh4+ 18.Kxg1 Rg4+ 19.Kh2=

17.Kg3 Rg7+ 18.Rg4= Positional draw.

The first study at all with material Queen + Rook against 3 Rooks (in the thematic try and in the final).