Nº18 Alain Pallier


Section A.

Alain Pallier (France)


1.Se4! Rb2!
1…Sxd7 2.exd7 Rdxd7 3.Qe5 Kf3 4.Sg5+ Kf2 5.Qf4+ +-

2.d8Q Rc6+ 3.Ka7 Rxc4 4.Qde8!
Theme : 4.Qee8? Rxe4 5.Qa8 Sxc3! and, now, White has not 6.Qa3! as in main line : after 6.e7 Black easily draws, eg, 6…Kh2 7.Qxe4 Rxe4 8.Qh8 Sc6+ 9.Ka8 Ra2(b4) =
After 4…Rxe4, White can try 5.e7 Kh2! 6.Qc7 g2 7.Qec6 g1Q+ 8.Ka6 Qf1+ 9.c4 Qf4! 10.Qxe4 Qxe4 11.e8Q Kg2 12.Qexe5 Qa8+ 13.Qa7 Qc8+ 14.Ka5 Qd8+ 15.Qec7 Qd2+ 16.Ka6 Qh6+ 17.Qcb6 Rxb6+ 18.Qxb6 and, eg, 18…Qf4 19.Qc6+ (19.Qxb1 Qxc4+ = Syzygy) 19…Kg3 20.g5 Sd2 21.g6 Sxc4 22.g7 Qf7 =
A sub-variation is (instead of 10.Qxe4) 10.Qe6!? Sd2(a3) 11.e8=Q Sd(a)xc4 12.Qf5 Rb6+! 13.Qxb6 Qxf5 14.gxf5 Sxb6 15.a5 Sbd7 16.Qe7 (16.Kb5 Re1 17.Qc8 Rb1+ 18.Ka4 Kxh3 19.f6 Rf1 20.a6 Kh4 21.Qc2 Rxf6=) and, eg, 16…Ra4 17.f6 Kxh3 18.Qh7+ Kg4 19.Kb5 Rxa5+ 20.Kxa5 Sxf6 =

4…Rxe4 5.Qa8!
5.Qc7? Kh2 6.Ka6 g2 7.Qec6 Sxc3 8.Qxe4 Sxe4 9.Qxe5+ Kxh3 10.Qxb2 g1Q = (for 6.e7 g2 7.Qec6 g1=Q+ = see 4.Qee8?)

5…Re2 6.Qeb7 (6.Qb4) +-

6.Qc5? Sf3! 6.a5 Rxe6 (Sb5+) =
6.Qc7? Sf3! 7.Qxe4 Sxe4 8.e7 Sf6 9.Qc3 Re2 10.Qxf6 Kf2 =

6…Rbe2 7.Qxc3 Kh2 8.Qxe4!
8.Kb7? (8.a5?) g2 =
8.Qc2? g2! (not 8…Rxc2? 9.Qxe4+-) 9.Qxe4 Rxe4 10.Qxe4 g1Q+ =

8…Rxe4 9.e7
9.Qc2+? g2 10.Qxe4 g1Q+ =

9…Sg6 10.Qc2+ g2 11.Qxe4 g1Q+ 12.Ka6! Qf1+ 13.Ka5 Sxe7 14.Qxe7 +- (Syzygy)

10.hxg4? Rxe7+ = (Syzygy)

10…Sf2 11.Qxe4!+-
11.Qc7? Rxa4+ =
and White wins after this second Q-sac on e4 followed by a Phoenix-promotion on e8.