Nº5 Marc Gelly

BTM Draw

Section B.2.

Marc Gelly (France)


Threat b4. 1…Kg2 2.b×ç4 b×ç4 3.ç3 Kf3 4.Ba2 Ke3 5.B×ç4 Kd2 =

2.b4 Kg2!
2…e5? or f5? 3.Kg3 +-

3.Kg4? Kf2! 4.Kf4 (4.Ba2 Ke3 -+) Ke2 5.Ba2 Kd2 6.Bb3 f5 -+

3…Kf3? 4.Bç4!! +-

4.Kg5!! Zwischenzug .Zugzwang for tempo gain.
Thematic TRY :Prematurely 4.Bç4? b×ç4 5.Kg5 (5.b5 f4 -+) f6+!! (5…Kg3? 6.b5 =) 6.Kf4 e5+! 7.K×f5 Kf3! 8.b5 e4 9.b6 e3 10.b7 e2 11.b8Q e1Q -+

4…Kf3? 5.Bç4!! +-

5.Bç4!! Only now.b-King on g3 is a w-tempo gain.
5…b×ç4 6.b5 f4 7.b6 f3 8.b7 f2 9.b8Q+ Kg2 and after 10.Qb7(a8)+ Kg1 11.Qb6(a7) Kg2 perpetual check.Draw.

THEME -Zwischenzug with zugzwang. Bishop’s sacrifice. Perpetual check.