Nº7 Daniele Gatti


Section B.2.

Daniele Gatti (Italy)


1.Nc5+! Ke3
1…dxc5 2.e6! ([Prematurely 2.a6? d3 3.a7 d2 4.a8Q+ Kxf4 is not check because of wPe5; Now three possible moves lose for the same move but with different motivations. 5.Qa1 (5.Qa4+ Bd4+–+ counter check; 5.Qd5 Bd4+–+ and covers Pd2 for promotion) 5…Bd4+–+) 2…dxe6 3.a6 d3 4.a7 d2 5.a8Q+ Ke3 (5…Kxf4 6.Qb8+ e5 7.Qxb3=) 6.Qa1 Ke2 7.Qa6+=

2.Nd3! Kxd3 3.a6 Ke2 4.a7 d3 5.a8Q d2 6.Qa6+ Ke1 7.Qa5 Bb6 8.Qb4 Bc5 9.Qa5 Ke2 10.Qb5+ Ke1 11.Qa5 dxe5 12.fxe5 Bb6 13.Qb4= positional draw)
[13.Qc3? Bd4! 14.Qxd4 d1Q–+]