Nº27 Eduard Eilazyan


Section B.2.

Eduard Eilazyan (Ukraine)


1.Kg7? Nxe6+ 2.Kg6 Be2–+.

1…Qd6 2.Qxg4 Qxf6+ 3.Ke8 Kb6 4.Kd8= Nf7+ 5.Ke8 Nd6+ 6.Kd8 Nb7+ 7.Ke8=.

2.Kf7 Bh5+ 3.Kg7 Nxf6 4.Kxf6 Qd6+ 5.Kf5 Qxe7–+.

2…Nxf6 3.Qa1+!
3.Kxf6? Qd6+ 4.Kg5 Qxe7+ 5.Kxg4 Qg7+–+.

3…Kb6 4.Kxf6 Qd6+
4…Bh5 5.Kf5 Qxe7 6.Qb2+ Kc6 7.Qc2+ Kd6 8.Qh2+=.

5.Kg5 Qg3 6.Qb2+!
6.Qa3? Bd7+ 7.Kh6 Qf4+ 8.Kh7 Qf7+ 9.Kh6 Qf6+ 10.Kh7 Qe6–+.

6…Kc6 (critical position)
6…Kc7 7.e8N+! Kd8 8.Ng7!=.

7.Qh2!! Foresight effect.
Thematic Try: 7.Qf2!? Qxf2 8.e8Q+ Bd7 9.Qa8+ Kd6 10.Qb8+ Ke7 11.Qe5+ Be6–+;
7.e8Q+? Bd7+ 8.Kh6 Bxe8–+.

7…Qxh2 8.e8Q+ (Phoenix of Queen) 8…Bd7 9.Qa8+ (key position) 9…Kb6
9…Kd6? 10.Qb8+ Ke6 11.Qxh2+-.


Theme: Reincarnation.
In a study with the effect of foresight, the theme of reincarnation is performed, if the phoenix of the main thematic piece is realized between the critical and key positions in the solution. (Problemist of Ukraine №2(52) 2017)