Nº22 Michael Pasman


Section B.1.

Michael Pasman (Israel)


1.Rc6? a2 2.Be6+ (2.Rc1 Ra7+=) 2…Kf4=

1…a2 2.Be6+!
2.Rf1? a1Q+ 3.Rxa1 Ra7+ 4.Kb3 Rxa1 5.Be6+ Kf4!=

2…Kg3 3.Rf1+-
2…Kg5 3.Rf1 Ra7+ 4.Kb3 h2 5.g7+-

3.Rf1 Ra7+ 4.Kb3
4.Kb5? Rb7+ (4…h2 5.g7 Rxg7 6.Rh1 a1Q 7.Rxa1 Rg1 8.Ra8 Kg5 9.Rh8 h1Q 10.Rxh1 Rxh1 11.d6 Kf4 12.d7 Rd1=) 5.Kc6 Rb1 6.g7 Rxf1 7.g8Q a1Q=

4…h2 5.g7 Rxg7 6.Rh1 a1Q 7.Rxa1 Rg1 8.Ra8
8.Ra7? Kg6!=

8…Kg5 9.Rh8 h1Q 10.Rxh1 White rook have been in all 4 corners and came back to h1 10…Rxh1 11.d6 Kf4 12.d7 Rd1 13.Bd5! Rxd5 14.e6 Kf5 15.e7+-