Nº25 Michael Gromov & Oleg Pervakov


Section B.1.

Michael Gromov & Oleg Pervakov (Russia)

Dedicated to 13-th World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov (60 years 13.04.2023)


1.Ncb4? a5=

1…Bg4+! Fighting for the e4-square
Too early 1…Qxf4 2.Na1+! Kxa3 3.Nac2+ Kb3 4.Rb1+ Kc4 5.Na3+! Kd4 6.Nb5+ Kc4 7.d3+! Kc5 8.d4+ Kc4 9.Na3+ Kxd4 10.Rd1+!+- followed by forks
1…Qd8 2.Rb1+ Kc4 3.Ne3+ Kb5 (3…Kc5 4.Rc1+ Kd6 5.Ned5+-) 4.Nbd5+ Kc5 5.Rg1+-
1…Qg8 2.Nd4+ Kb2 3.Nd3+ Ka2 4.Rc2+ Ka1 5.Rb2+-

2.Kh4? Bxf3 3.Nd4+ Kxa3 4.Nd3 Ka2! 5.Nxf3 Qg8=

2…Qxf4! The best defence. But now the queen has occupied a minefield To realize the main plan White must eliminate three pawns: a3, d2 and f5
2…a5 3.Nd4+ Kxa3 4.Nd3 Ka2 5.Rc2+ Ka1 (a3) 6.Rb2+-
2…Qg8 3.Rb1+ Kc4 4.Ne3+ Kd4 5.Nxf5+ Kc4 6.Ne7+-

Try 3.Rb1+? Kc4 4.Ne3+ Kd4 5.Nxf5+ Kc4! 6.d3+ Kc5 7.d4+ Kc4–+

3…Kb2 4.Nd3+-

4.Nac2+ Kb3 5.Rb1+ Kc4 6.Ne3+!
Try 6.Na3+? Kd4 7.Nb5+ Kc4 8.d3+ Kc5! 9.d4+ Kc4 10.Na3+ Kxd4 11.Rd1+ Ke4! 12.Re1+ Kd4 13.Nb5+ Kc4 14.Re4+ fxe4!–+

6…Kd4 7.Nxf5+ Kc4 8.Ne3+!
Try 8.d3+? Kc5! 9.d4+ Kc4 10.Ne3+ Qxe3!–+

8…Kd4 9.Nec2+ Kc4 10.Na3+!

Try 10.d3+? Kc5 11.d4+ Kd6!–+

10…Kd4 11.Nb5+ Kc4 12.d3+! Just in time! 12…Kc5

12…Kxb5 13.Nd5+-

13.d4+ Kc4 13…Kd6?? 14.Na3+! Kxd4 15.Rd1+! Realizing the main plan 15…Ke4!
15…Kc3 (e3) 16.Nd5+-
15…Kc5 (e5) 16.Nd3+-

16.Re1+ Kd4
16…Kf3 17.Rf1+-

17.Nb5+ Kc4 18.Re4+! Qxe4 19.Nd6+ Kxb4 20.Nxe4 a3 21.Nc3! 13-th and decisive move of the hero knight!
21.h7? a2 22.h8Q a1Q 23.Qf8+ Ka5! 24.Ng3 Qa2 25.Kh6 Qa4=

21…Kxc3 22.h7 a2 23.h8Q a1Q 24.Qxf6+-

Victory in the 24-th game of the second match with Karpov brought Garry Kasparov the title of 13-th World Chess Champion

Kasparov solved this study during his air trip from New York to Croatia. He wrote that he will personally thank us when we find ourselves in free Russia