Nº21 Serhiy Didukh


Section B.2.

Serhiy Didukh (Ukraine)


1.Be5! White lets the black pawn promote.
After 1.Kd1? a3 2.g7 (2.Be5 c3! 3.dxc3 a2) 2…Rg8 3.Nxd4 a2 4.Nxb3 cxb3 5.Be5 Kf7 6.Kc1 the rook forces the bishop into the a1–corner 6…Ra8! (not 6…Rc8+? 7.Kb2 Ra8 8.Kxb3! a1Q 9.Bxa1 Rxa1 10.Kc2 Rg1 11.Nd1=) 7.Ba1 and prevents its incarceration by the king 7…Re8! (7…Rc8+? 8.Kb2 Rc2+ 9.Kxb3 Rxd2 10.Nh3!=) 8.Kd1 (8.Nd1 Re1–+) 8…Rc8 9.d4 Rc2 10.Nd3 Kxg7 11.Ke2 b2 12.Nxb2 Rc1–+

1…b2 2.Bxh8 b1Q+ 3.Nd1
3.Ke2? c3! 4.g7 Qa2!–+

3…Qxd3 4.g7!
4.Nxd4? Qxg3+–+
4.Bxd4? Qe4+ 5.Ne3 Qxc6–+

4…Qxg3+?? 5.Nf2 Kf7 6.Ne7+-
4…Qe4+ 5.Ne3! Kf7 6.Nxd4=

5.Ne5+ Kg8 6.Nxd3 cxd3 and it’s a 3-mover by Albert Renn (1969) 7.Nf2 a3 8.Nh1! a2 9.Kf2 a1Q= stalemate.

Bishop and Knight failed in the try, so White put them in the corners like teachers do with bad pupils.