Nº34 Ivan Bondar


Section B.1.

Ivan Bondar (Bielorrusia)


1.a7! Ra4 2.e7 Nf1! 3.Bd2 Ra1+ 4.Bc1 Ne3+ 5.Kd2 Nc4+ 6.Kd3!
6.Kd1? Nd6! –+

6…Nd6 7.Be3 h4 8.f5!
8.Bc5? Ne8! 9.Ba3 Rd1+! 10.Kc4 Rc1+! =

8…h3 9.f6 h2 10.f7 h1Q 11.f8Q+ Kg4 12.Qf4+ Kh3
12…Kh5 13.Qxd6 +–

13.Qxd6 Qb1+ 14.Kc3 Qc2+ 15.Kb4 Qe4+ 16.Bd4! Rxa7 17.e8Q Qxe8
17…Rb7+ 18.Qb5 Rxb5+ 19.Kxb5+-


An initial game of blocking and unblocking the bishop, which leads to a lively piece game. After the mutual promotion of the pawns to the queens, there is a double-edged game with thefinalsacrifice e8!