Nº23 Ivan Bondar & Mikhail Kramtsevich


Section B.2.

Ivan Bondar & Mikhail Kramtsevich (Bielorrusia)


1.d7? Nf7–+
1.Ne7+? Ke6!–+

1…Ra8 2.d7
2.Ne7+? Ke6!–+

2…Nf7 3.Nxc4 Rxc4
3…Ke6 4.Ne5! Rf5 5.Nxf7=]

4.d8Q!Nxd8 5.Nd6+ Ke6 6.Nxc4 Rc8 7.Bf6!! An alluring victim
7.Ba5? Nb7! 8.Nb6 Rc5!–+

7…Kxf6 8.Nb6! Rb8
8…Rc7 9.Nd5+ Ke5 10.Nxc7=
8…Rc3 9.Nd5+ Ke5 10.Nxc3=
8…Rc5 9.Nd7+ Ke7 10.Nxc5=

9.Nd7+ Ke6 10.Nxb8=

The enticing sacrifice of the white bishop for the further domination of the white knight over black rook.