Nº3 Oleg Pervakov


Section B.2.

Oleg Pervakov (Russia)


1.d6+ Kf8 2.g6
2.Bg6? Kg7! 3.Nd7 Bxg6+–+

2…Bf5 3.Kh6 Bg5+ (3…Bf6 4.d7=) 4.Kxg5 f1Q 5.d7=

3.Nd7+ Kg7 4.f8Q+ Qxf8 5.Nxf8 Bf5! Domination? Yes. And at the same time, no! If you remove all white pieces from the board, white will be stalemated. Here is how to carry out such a suicide: 6.d7 Be7 7.Bg8! Kxg8 8.g7! Bd8
8…Bf6 9.Kh6! Bxg7+ 10.Kg5=

9.Kh6 Bf6 10.Kh5! Kxg7 Or positional draw 11.d8Q
11.Ne6+? Bxe6 12.d8Q Bf7+!–+

11…Bxd8 12.Ne6+! Bxe6= Ideal mirror stalemate