Nº17 Michael Pasman


Section B.2.

Michael Pasman (Israel)

1.Rf2+! White can capture on g3, but then he will lose b7 knight
1.Kxg3? Rxe5 2.Rf6 Red5 3.Rc6 Rf1 4.Kg2 Rf7 5.Nc5 Rg5+–+
1.Rxg3? Rxe5–+

1…Ka3 2.Rf3+ Kb2 3.Rf2+ Kc3
3…Kc1 4.Kxg3 Rxe5 5.Rf6 Red5 6.Rc6+ Kb2 7.Nc5=
3…Kb1 4.Kxg3 Rxe5 5.Rf6 Red5 6.Kf3 /f4=

4.Rf3+ Kb4
4…Kc4 5.Nd6+=

5.Kxg3? Rxe5 6.Rf6 Red5–+

5…Ne4! Black has no other way to escape with king
5…Kb5 6.Nd6+=

6.Rxe4+ Kb5 7.Kg5!
7.Re3? Rd7 8.Rb3+ Kc4! 9.Na5+ Kd4 10.Kg4 (10.Kg3 Ra7 11.Rb5 Rf7–+) 10…Rf7–+; now 7.Nd6+? Rdxd6–+

7…Rd7 8.Kf5! Re8 9.Nd6+=
7…Re7 8.e6!=

8.Na5+? Kd5–+

8…Rdxd6 9.Kf5! now d6 is attcked, but can’t be moved 9…Kd5 10.exd6!=
e4 rook can’t be captured