Nº27 Jarl Henning Ulrichsen


Section B.2.

Jarl Henning Ulrichsen (Norway)


White draws by winning the opposition and keeping the black king on the edge of the board.
1.c4? c5 loses for White. Black protects his pawn from d4 and wins the white pawn on a2 in a few moves.

1…c5 2.Kc6!
2.Kb6? loses 2…Ba3 3.Ka6 ((After 3.c4 Kb8 Black has the opposition and his king will escape from its prison.)) 3…Kb8 4.Kb6 Kc8 5.Kc6 Kd8 6.Kd6 Ke8 7.Ke6 Kf8 8.Kf6 Bb2 9.Ke6 Bxc3 10.Kd5 Bd4–+

2…Ba3 Now the black bishop is pacified and cannot take part in the struggle. 3.Kb6 Kb8 4.c4 Now White has the opposition. 4…Kc8
4…Bb4 5.a4=
4…Ka8 5.Ka6 is a loss of time.

5.Kc6 Kd8 6.Kd6 Ke8 7.Ke6 Kf8 8.Kf6 Kg8
8…Bb2+ 9.Ke6 Ke8 and e.g. 10.a4 draws.

9.Ke6 ! diagonal opposition.
Not 9.Kg6? Bb2 10.a4 Bc3 11.Kf5 Kf7–+

9…Kg7 10.Ke7 Kg6 11.Ke6 Kg5 12.Ke5 Kg4 13.Ke4 Kg3 14.Ke3 Kg2 15.Ke2 Kg1 16.Ke1 Kg2 17.Ke2 Kg3 18.Ke3 Kh4 19.Kf4 !
After 19.Ke4? Kg4 Black has the opposition and wins..

19…Kh5 20.Kf5 Kh6 21.Kf6 Kh7 22.Kf7=