Nº15 Mihail Croitor


Section B.2.

Mihail Croitor (Moldova)


Blacks have to much pawns, white king is so far… The main idea of draw is to pass white king in front of black pawns.
1.Ra2! Free field for king. Otherwise blacks will won a tempo by rook attacking.
1.Rg2? f5 2.Kb2 Ke3 /e4 3.Kc1 Kf3 4.Rd2 g3–+

1…d4 2.Kb2! Ke2 3.Kc1+ Kf1 4.Ra3 f5 5.Kd2 f4 6.Kd3=

2.Kb2! Ke2 Black king try to stop white king with moving near the pawns.
2…g3 3.Ra3+=
2…f4 3.Kc1 f3 4.Kd1 g3 5.Ke1=
2…Kd2 3.Kb3+ Kd3 4.Kb2= repeating position.

3.Kc1+? Kf1 4.Kd2 f4 5.Ra4 g5–+ with green line for g3 pawn.

3…Ke3 4.Kc2! g3
4…Ke2 5.Kc3+ Ke3 6.Kc2= repeating position.

5.Kd1 d4
5…f4 /g5 6.Ke1=

6.Ke1 Stoping black pawns with king. 6…d3 7.Re2+!
7.Kf1? d2–+; No tempo loosing!
7.Rg2? f4 8.Re2+ Kf3 9.Rd2 g2 10.Rxd3+ Ke4 11.Kf2 Kxd3–+

7…Kf3 8.Rd2!
8.Re6? d2+ 9.Kxd2 g5 10.Re3+ Kg2 11.Re5 f4 12.Rxg5 f3 13.Rf5 Kf2–+

8…f4 9.Rxd3+=
8…g2?? 9.Rxd3+- Ke4 and now white wins! The field g3 is not defended! 10.Rg3

9.Re2+ dxe2= Stalemate (or positional draw).