Nº18 Michael Pasman


Section B.1.

Michael Pasman (Israel)


Try : 1.Rb1+? Ke2 2.Bd6 (2.e7? Nc7) 2…Bc5! 3.e7 Nc7! 4.Bxc7 Bxe7=

1…Ke2 2.g6+-

2.Bb4! Nc7 3.e7
3.Bxc3? Nxe6 4.Rxd2 Nxg5=

3…Bc5! 4.e8Q!
Logical try : 4.Bxc3? Bxe7 5.Rxd2 Bxg5= position X1 with knight on c7 instead of e8

4…Nxe8 5.Bxc3 Be7 6.Rxd2 Bxg5 position X2 with knight on e8 7.Rd5! Black has no good place for the bishop and his knight may be trapped 7…Bh4 8.Rxh5 Bg3
8…Bf2 9.Be5!+-

9.Rf5+? Ke2 10.Be5 Nd6!=
9.Rh3? Bd6! 10.Re3 (10.Rd3 Ke2!=); (10.Bd4 Nc7=); (10.Rh6 Bg3 11.Rg6 Kf2 12.Re6 Nc7=) 10…Nc7=

9…Bxe5 10.Rf5+!
10.Rxe5? Nd6 /c7 is only draw

10…Ke2 11.Rxe5+ Kd3 12.Rxe8 +-