Nº4 Marc Gelly

BTM Draw

Section B.2.

Marc Gelly (France)



1…Bb6 2.Ne2 Kg5 3.Kg7 N×f3 4.Kf7 =
1…Kg5 2.Kg7 d5 3.Kf7 =

2.Kg8 !!
Logical TRY :No precipitation to passed pawn! 2.Nh3? N×f3 3.Kg8 Ng5!! (3…d4? = idem main line) 4.Nf4 d4! 5.Nd3 (5.Kf8 Nh7+ -+) Bç7! 6.Kf8 (6.f6 Bd6! -+) Bd6 7.Ne1 Ne4 8.Kf7 Ba3 -+
2.Ne2? N×f3 3.Kg8 d4 -+

2…d4 !
2…Kg5 3.Kf7 =

3.Nh3 !
3.Kf8? d3 4.Nh3 N×f3 5.Nf2 d2! -+ (5…Ne5? 6.Ke8! = main line)

3…d3 4.g5+ =

4.Nf2 !
4.Kf8? d3 5.Nf2 d2 -+

4…Kg5 5.Kf7/8 Ne5+ 6.Ke8 Bb6 7.K×e7 d3 8.N×d3! N×d3 9.f6 Bç5+ 10.Kf7! Ne5+ 11.Kg7 draw.
4…d3 5.N×d3 Kg5 6.Nç5 Ne5 7.Kf8 K×g4 8.Ke8 Ba5 9.K×e7 draw.

5.Kf8 d3 !
5…Kg5 6.Ke8 Bb6 7.K×e7 d3 8.N×d3! N×d3 9.f6…Draw.

6.Ke8 !!
Thematic TRY :Prematurely is the sacrifice 6.N×d3? N×d3 7.Ke8 Ba5!! 8.K×e7 Kg5! 9.f6 Ne5!! -+ (9…Bb4+? 10.Kf7! Ne5+ 11.Kg7 draw.)
6.f6? d2 7.Ke8 Bb6! 8.f7 Ng6 -+

6…Bb6 7.N×d3 !
7.Ne4? Be3!! 8.K×e7 d2 -+

7…N×d3 8.K×e7 Bç5+ 9.Kd8 !
9.Kf6? Bd4+! (9…Be3? 10.e7 draw) 10.Ke7 Ne5! 11.f6 Kg5! -+

9…Ne5 10.f6 !
10.e7? Nç6+ -+

10…Kg6 11.g5 !
11.f7? Kf6! -+
11.e7? Bb6+! 12.Ke8 K×f6 -+ (12.Kç8 Kf7 -+)

11…K×g5 12.e7 DRAW.

THEME. White counterplay :precise co-ordination between King’s way to black weakness and Knight’s moves for passed pawn’s surveillance.
Le compositeur :Pour être «Le Maître des Horloges»,je fabrique les horloges.