Nº13 Marc Gelly


Section B.1.

Marc Gelly (France)


THEME :Rook against two Bishops. The w-win demands Rook’s sacrifice.

1.Kd6 !.
1.Kd7 ? Ba6 2.R×b4 Bg5 3.e6 Bd3 4.Rg4 (4.Kd6 B×e3 5.Rg4+ Kf6 6.e7 Bç5+ ! 7.K×ç5 K×e7 draw.) Kf6 ! 5.e4 ç5 6.Kd6 Be2 7.e7 Bb5 8.K×ç5 Be8 9.Kd6 Bd2 10.e5+ Kf5 positional draw.

1…Ba6 2.R×b4
2.K×ç6 ? Be7 =

2…Bg5 !
2…Be1 3.Rg4+ +-

3.Rg4 !!
Thematic TRY : 3.e6 ? Bb5 ! 4.Rb2 Bd3 ! 5.e7 Bg6 6.Rg2 Kh6 ! (6.Rb8 B×e3 draw) 7.Rh2+ Kg7 8.Rh3 ç5 9.e4 B×e7+ 10.K×e7 B×e4 draw.

3…Kh6 !
3…Kg6 4.e6 +-

4.e6 !
4.Rg3 ? ç5 5.K×ç5 Kh5 6.e6 Bd3 7.Kd5 Kh4 ! 8.Rf3 (8.Rg1 B×e3 draw) Kg4 9.Rf8 B×e3 draw.
4.K×ç6 ? Bç8 5.Rg3 (5.Ra4 B×e3 draw. Nalimof tablebases.) Kh5 6.Kd6 Kh4 7.Rf3 Bg4 8.Rf8 B×e3 draw (Nalimov T.)

4…Bb5 5.e4 +-

5.Re4 ? Bb5 ! 6.K×ç5 Be8 ! 7.Kd6 Kg6 8.Rg4 Kf5 9.Rg3 Bh5 positional draw.

5…Be7+ 6.Kç6 Bd3 7.Kd7 Bç5 8.e4 ! Kh5 9.Rg2 ! Kh6 10.e5 +-
5…Bç8 6.Kd6 B×e3 7.e7 B×g4 8.e8Q Win (Nalimov T.)
5…B×e3+ 6.Kç6! Be2 7.e7 Win (Nalimov T.)
5…Bd3 6.e4 Be7+ 7.Kd5 Be2 8.Rg8 Bf3 9.Re8 Bf6 10.Ra8(b8) Kg5 11.Rf8 ! Bh1 12.Rf7 Kg6 13.Ra7 Bg5 14.Ra1 +-

6.Rg3 Kh5
6…Bh5 7.Kd6 Kg6 8.Rg1 Kf5 9.Ra1 Bg6 10.Rf1+ +-

7.Kd6 ! With two lines:

A) 7…Kh4 8.Rg2 ! Bf3 9.Rg1 !
‘ 9.Rç2(b2,a2) ? B×e3 draw (Nalimov T.)

9…B×e3 10.Rh1+ !!
10.e7 ? B×g1 and despite the Q-promotion,draw! (Nalimov T.)

10…B×h1 11.e7 Bf3 12.e8Q WIN (Nalimov T.) Rook’s sacrifice n.1 in the corner (deviation)

B) 7…Bb5 8.Kd5 ! Kh4
8…Be8 9.e4 Bg6 10.e5 +-

9.Rf3 !
9.Rg1 ? B×e3 draw.

9…Be2 10.Rf2 Bh5 11.Kd6 Bg6 12.Rg2 Be4 13.Rg1 B×e3 14.e7 !! B×g1 15.e8Q Win (Nalimov T.) Rook’s sacrifice n.2.

10.Rf8 ! B×e3 11.Rb8 !!
11.e7 ? draw (Nalimov T.)

11…Be2 12.e7 Bf3+ 13.Kd6 ! Bf4+ 14.Kd7
14.Kç5 B×b8 15.e8Q Win in 64 is waste of time.

14…B×b8 15.e8Q Win in 59 (Nalimov T.) Rook’s way of 360 degrees with sacrifice (n.3) on the initial square.