Nº26 Daniele Gatti


Section B.1.

Daniele Gatti (Ytaly)


1.Bh3+! Kxh3

1…Kh5 2.Bg2!+- bK cannot chase the pawn and bR cannot go to f1)

2.f6 Rf1 3.f7 Kxh2
3…Rxf7 4.Ng5+ Kxh2 5.Nxf7 and transposes to main line

4.f8Q Rxf8 5.Nxf8 Kg3 6.Ng6

6.Nd7? e4 7.dxe4 Kf4 8.e5 Kf5 9.Kxb5 Ke6 10.Kxb6 Kxd7=

6…Kf3 7.Nxe5+ with two main lines:

A) 7…Kf4 8.d4 Ke4 9.Nf3! Kxf3 10.d5 Ke4 11.d6 Kd5 12.d7 Kc6 13.d8R+-

B) 7…Ke3 8.Kc3! b4+ 9.Kc2!
9.Kc4? b5+ 10.Kxb4 Kd4 11.Kxb5 Kxe5=

9…b3+ 10.Kc3 b5
10…b2 11.Nc4+-


Stalemate avoidanceImprovement and development of my own study published on12th International-Tournament-UAPA- (2020).
FEN: 8/1p6/1p2N3/1p2pP2/1K4k1/3P4/7P/2r2B