Nº24 Alexey Gasparyan


Section B.1.

Alexey Gasparyan (Armenia)



But not 1.gh?! Sb4+! (1…Sc5+?! 2.Kb5 Qb4+ 3.Kc6 Qa4+ 4.Kd5 Qa8+ 5.K*c5 Qa5 6.Kc6 Sb4 7.Kd7 Qb5 8.Kd8 Sc6+ 9.Kc7 Q*e5 10.K*c6 Qe4 11.Kb5 Q*h4 12.Sf8+ Kg5 13.Se6 Kg4 14.R*h4+ +-) 2.Kb5 Qd5+ 3.K*b4 Qc5(Qb7)+ 4.Ka4 Qc6+ draws (it’s false track).

1…S*f4 2.gf Sb4+ 3.Kb5! Qd5+!
Or 3…Qd7+ 4.K*b4 (not 3.K*c4??) Qb7+ (4…Qd2+?? 5.Kc5! Qa5+ 6.Kc6 etc. +-) 5.Kc5 (or 5.Ka5 Qa8+ 6.Kb6 Qb8+ 7.Kc6 etc. +-) 5…Qc7+ 6.Kb5 Qb8+ 7.Kc6 Q*c8+ 8.R*c8 etc. +-.

4.K*b4 Qg8!! and after 5.R*g8 K*h7 suddenly 6.Re8!! h3!
6…e2?! 7.R*e7. Now not 7.R*e7?! h2!

7.Sd6! e2! 8.Sf7!
No move changes : 8.Kb5?! c3! and white can’t win, for example 9.Sf7 g5 10.g5 g6 11.S*g5 Kh6 12.Se6 gf 13.Rh8 Kg6 14.Rg8+ Kf6 15.Rg1 K*e6 =

8…e1Q+! 9.Kb5! g5 10.f5! g6 11.f6! ef
11…Qa5+?? 12.K*a5 +-.

12. R*e1 and wins.
But not 12.S*g5+?! fg 13.R*e1 g4 – and black draws,for example: 14.Rh1 Kh6 15.K*c4 Kg5 16.Kd4 Kh4 17.Ke3 g3 18.Kf3 g5! =

This is a correction of my study from the Foguelman – Caputto – Carlson -75 JT(1998-2000) [see EG 142 (supplement)].