Nº7 Michael Pasman


Section B.2.

Michael Pasman (Israel)


1.Ne5? Bxc6 2.Nxc6 g1Q–+
1.c7? Bb7 2.Nd2 Ke2! 3.Nf3 Kxf3–+

1…Bxc6 2.Nd5!!=

2.c7! Bb7 3.Ne4+!! Allows to capture a knight with check 3…Ke3!
3…Bxe4+ 4.Kh6! Bb7 5.Bd4=

Try :
4.Bf8 Kxe4 5.Bc5 is lost, with this line (first black moves may also be changed in order) : 5…g4 6.Kg6 Kf3 7.Kg5 and now : 7…Kg3! 8.Bb6 Bc8! 9.Bg1 Kf3 10.Kh4 Ke2! 11.Kg3 Kf1! 12.Kh2 g3+!–+

4…Bxc8 5.Nxg5! Bg4! Defends in same time f3 and h3 square
5…g1Q 6.Bd4+! Kxd4 7.Nf3+=

6.Bf8! Kd4 7.Ne4!! Second time on the same square sacrifice 7…Bf5+
7…Kxe4 8.Bc5=

8.Kh8! This time h8, not h6 as in previous Ne4 Bxe4 line 8…Bxe4 9.Bd6! g1Q 10.Bc5+! Kxc5= Model stalemate

The final 2 moves are known from study of Ratner, 1920