Nº28 Vladimir Samilo


Section B.2.

Vladimir Samilo (Ukraine)


1.Rh5+? Ka4+!–+
1.Rc7? Ka4+!–+

1…Ka4+ 2.Ka8 Nc6!
2…Qe4+ 3.Rb7! Qxf5 4.Nc3+ Ka5 5.Rb5+=

3.Rb7 Qd4 4.Rf4!! Qxf4 5.Nc3+ Ka5
5…Ka3 6.Nb1+ Ka2 7.Nc3+ Ka3 8.Nb1+ Ka4 9.Nc3+= perpetual Check 1

6.Rb5+ Ka6 7.Rb6+!! Kxb6
7…Ka5 8.Rb5+ Ka6 9.Rb6+= perpetual Check 2

8.Nd5+ Kc5 9.Nxf4=

Sacrifices of two Rooks to attract bQ and bK, two perpetual checks by Knight and Rook.