Nº24 Michael Pasman


Section A

Michael Pasman (Israel)


1.Nb5+ Kb6
1…Kb8? 2.Kc1 a1Q+ 3.Bb1

2.Nc3! a1Q+ 3.Bb1! Now the queen is trapped in the corner, black has no Qxb2 3…e5
3…h5 4.Kc1=
3…Kc5 4.Ne4+ (4.Kc1 Kd4 (4…e5 5.Ne4+) 5.Ne4 a4 6.Nc3 Kc4 7.Ne4) 4…Kd4 (4…Kd5 5.Kc1 e5 as main line) 5.Kc1 a4 6.Nc3 Kc4 7.Ne4!=

4.Kc1 White imprisoned black queen, but still white king and bishop are bound to keep the queen in the corner. White need to do precise manures with the knight
Thematic try : 4.h4? Kc5 5.Ne4+ Kd4 6.Kc1 Qxb1+ 7.Kxb1 Kxe4 8.Kc2 a4 9.b3 axb3+ 10.Kxb3 Kd3 11.a4 e4 12.a5 e3 13.a6 e2 14.a7 e1Q 15.a8Q Qb1+ 16.Ka3 Qa1–+

4…Kc5 5.Ne4+
5.h4? Kd4 6.h5 Kc4

5…Kd4 6.Nd2 a4 7.Nf3+=

Thematic try :
6.Nc3+ Kd4 7.Ne4 Qxb1+! 8.Kxb1 Kxe4 9.Kc2 (9.b4 axb4 10.axb4 Kd4) 9…a4! 10.b3 axb3+ 11.Kxb3 Kd3! 12.a4 e4–+ 13.a5 e3 14.a6 e2 15.a7 e1Q 16.a8Q Qb1+ 17.Ka3 Qa1–+

6…a4 7.h4!
7.Ne4? Qxb1+
7.Nf1? Kd4 8.Nd2 Ke3 9.Nc4+ Kf4–+

7…h5 8.Nf1 Kd4 9.Ng3 as main

8.h5? Kd5 9.Nf1 Kd4 10.Nd2 Ke3 11.Nc4+ Kf4–+
8.Nf1? Kd4 9.h5 Kc4 10.Nd2+ Kd5

8…Kd4 [8…Kd5] 9.Nc3
9.Nd2? Ke3

With two lines main :

A) 9…Kc4 10.Ne4
10.Na2? Kb3

10…Kd4 11.Nc3 h5 12.Na2 Kc4 13.Nb4 Kb3 14.Nd3 h6 15.Nc5+ Kc4 16.Ne4=

11.Nd2+ Kd5 12.Nf1 Kd4 13.Ng3 Kd5
13…Kc4 14.Nf1 /e4

14.Nf1 Kd4
14…Kc4 15.Nd2+!

15.Ng3 Ke3 it is fortress, but black still tries other way 16.Nxh5 Kf3
16…h6 17.Nf6! Kf3 18.h5! Kg3 19.Nd5! e4 20.Ne3=

17.Nf6 h5 18.Nxh5 e4 19.Ng7= Kf4=

B) 9…h5 10.Na2!
10.Ne4? Qxb1+

10…Kc4 11.Nb4!
11.Nc3? Kb3

11…Kb3 12.Nd3! h6
12…e4 13.Nc5+

13.Nc5+ Kc4 14.Ne4 Kd4 15.Nc3 With fortress – positional draw
(or 9…e4 10.Nxe4)