Nº1 Michal Hlinka & Luboš Kekely


Section B.2.

Michal Hlinka & Luboš Kekely (Slovakia)


1.a7! Nxa7 2.c8Q+! Nxc8 as initial position without 2 white pawns – now bishop can to cover the key pawn 3.Bd8 Rxd5 now white has only two pawns against rook from initial five 4.Be7+ Nxe7
4…Kc4 5.f7 Rxf5 6.f8Q Rxf8 7.Bxf8=

5.fxe7 Re5 6.f6 Kd6 7.Ka1! to the corner
7.a4? Re4 8.a5 Rb4+ 9.Kc2 Rb8–+

7…Re4 8.a3! festina lente
8.a4? Rxa4+ 9.Kb2 Ra8–+
8.Kb2? Rb4+ 9.Kc3 Rb8–+

8…Re5 9.Ka2! positional draw
[9.a4? Re4 10.a5 Ra4+ 11.Kb2 Rb4+ 12.Kc3 Rb8–+]