Nº13 Amatzia Avni & Sergey Osintsev


Section B.1.

Amatzia Avni & Sergey Osintsev (Israel-Russia)


1.Rg8!! Threatens mate in two and prepares to meet … Qd1+ with Rg1
1.Rf8? Qd1+ 2.Kh2 Qe2+ 3.Kxh3 Qg4+=
1.Nf6+? Kg6=
1.Be8+? Kg4 2.Rg7+ Kf4=

1…Bf5 Best: defends against the mate threat and evacuates h3 for his queen.
1…Qxg8 2.Nf6+-

2.Bg2? Kh6!=

2…Kh6 3.Rh7+! Deflecting the black bishop from covering square g4
3.Re7? to protect square e3 from eventual checks 3…Qa3 (or 3…Qh3+ 4.Kg1 Qa3= the exposed position of WK does not enable white to exploit his material advantage)
3.Rag7? Qh3+ 4.Kg1 Qe3+=

3…Bxh7 4.Ng4+ Kh5 5.Be8+ Bg6 6.Bxg6+
6.Nf6+? Kg5 7.Rxg6+ Kf5=

6…Kxg4 7.Bf7+
7.Bc2+?? Qxg8–+

7…Kh3! 8.Rg3+! the second rook is also being sacrificed on an empty square; this time deflecting the black queen from covering square e6
8.Bxb3?= stalemate

8…Kxg3 9.Bxb3+-

9.Be6+ Qg4 10.d5+-