Nº13 Leonid Topko


Section B.1.

Leonid Topko (Ukraine)


1.Rb8+! Bg8 2.Rgxg8+!
Theme False Game. 2.Rbxg8+? Kh7 3.R8g7+ (3.R6g7+ Kh6=) 3…Kh8=

2…Kh7 3.Nxg5+ Kh6
3…Nxg5 4.Rh8+ Kg7 5.Rbg8#

4.Nxf7+ Qxf7+ 5.Kxf7 a1Q 6.Rg6+! he beginning of the second phase of the decision in which White uses the counter plan with the Rook sacrifice on the h8 square.
6.Ra8? Qf1+!=
6.Rb6+? Kh7 7.Rg5 (7.Rh8+? Qxh8!–+) 7…Qa2+=

6…Kh7 7.Rh8+ Qxh8
7…Kxh8 8.Rh6#


A checkmate from the h5 square or the loss of the black queen is inevitable.
The sketch presents the Ukrainian theme-synthesis of the theme of the change of a multiphase etude and the theme of the change of the Irra plan (Kryvyi Rih theme) with a logical study. Author’s article in “Problemiste of Ukraine »No. 2 2016