Nº11 Michael Pasman


Section A.1

Michael Pasman (Israel)


1.0–0–0! c2!
1…cxb2+ 2.Kb1+-

2.Rd7! Bh6
2…Bf6 3.h4! Kxe3 (3…Bxh4 4.Rd4+; 3…b6 4.Rd6) 4.Rxb7 Bxh4 5.Rg7! Kd3 (5…Bd8 6.Rg3+ Kd4 7.Rxb3) 6.Rg2!! with b6(6.b6? Bf2!=)
2…Bf8 3.Rd8 Bh6 4.Re8+ Kd5 5.a4 is similar to main line

3.Re7+ Kd5
3…Kd3 4.h4!+-
3…Kf5 4.a4! (4.h4? a4!=) 4…Bg5 5.Re8 b6 6.h4 Bxh4 7.Rc8! Bf6 8.Rc6!+-

4.h4? a4!= White can not improve the position – and it is positional draw

4…b6 5.h4+-
4…Kc4 5.Kd2 Bg5 6.Re6 Kd5 7.Re8 Bf6 8.Kc1 Bg5 9.b6!+- See next move

5.Re8 b6! How can White improve his position ? [If black allows b6 for White, White should play more easily h4 and win
5…Kd6 6.b6 Kd5 7.h3 (or even 7.h4? Bxh4 8.Rc8 Be1 9.Rc7=) 7…Kd6 8.Re4 Kd5 9.Rd4+ Kc5 10.Rd3 Kc4 11.h4+

6.h3! Zugzwang
6.Kd2? Bf6 and no better then return – Kc1

6…Bh6 7.h4

7.Kd2 Bf6= White must go back Kc1

7…Bh6 8.h4+-

8.h4? Kxe4 9.hxg5 Kf5–+ can even loose

8…Kc5 9.Rd3!
9.Rf4? Bxf4 10.exf4 Kd6 11.h4 Ke6=

9…Kb4 10.h4+-

10.h4! After all the manueres White finally can play this move
10.Rc3+? Kb4 White must return to d3, 11.h4? Bxh4=

10…Bxh4 11.Rd4+-
10…Kxd3 11.hxg5+-

11.Rd4+ Now we go back 11…Kc5 12.Re4! White makes all the way back 12…Kd5

12…Kd6 is similar : 13.h5 Kd5 14.Re8+-

13.Re7? Kd6 14.Re8 Kd7 just wastes time; 13.Rd4+ Kc5 14.Re4=

13…Kd6 Now we reached the same position as 7 moves before,only with pawn on h4 instead of h3 ( Bh6 instead of g5). This allows White to forward the pawn h, the King to d2 and attack with a rook from c-file. For example : 14.h5 Kd5 15.Kd2! Kd6 16.Rd8+ Kc5 17.Rc8+ Kb4 18.Rc6+-