Nº13 Marc Gelly


Section B.2.

Marc Gelly (France)


1.Kh5!! A b3! B 2.B×b3 C e3!D 3.Bc4!!E d×c4 F 4.g4! e2 5.Rh8e1Q 6.Rd8+! Kc3
7.Rd3+Kb4 8.Rb3+Kc5 9.Rb5+ Kd6 10.Rd5+ Kc7 11.Rd7+Kb6 12.Rb7+ Kc5
13.Rb5+ Kd4 14.Rd5+ Kc3 15.Rd3+= positional draw.

Theme :Self-incarceration. Bishop’s passive sacrifice (refusal).Compound move 3.Bc4!!
«Tour folle»:Last eight moves ,the Rook draws an eight (without capture)!

A- Preparing self-incarceration. 1.Kg4(g3)?,Kd1 -+
B- Blacķ counterplay. Pawn sacrifice.
1…,e3 2.g4! (2.Rh8?,g4!-+)b3 3.Rh8! (3.B×b3?,e2-+)b2 4.Rb8,Kc1 5.Rxb2=
1…,g4 2.Rh6! +/=
1…,Kxd1 2.g4! e3 3.Rh8,e2 4.Re8(a8,d8,f8)=
C- Thematic Try.Release.
2.Rh8?,g4! 3.Bxb3,e3 4.Ra8,e2 5.Ra1,g3 6.Kg4,e1Q 7.Rxe1,Kxe1 8.Kxg3,Kd2 -+
D- 2…,g4 3.Rxh6,e3 4.Rh8,e2 5.Re8,g3 6.Kg4,e1Q 7.Rxe1,Kxe1 8.Kxg3 +/=
E- e2 square control or see F.
F- d-file aperture with tempo gain for the Rook.