Nº25 Mario G. García


Section B.1.

Mario G. García (Argentina)

1.Nxb4? Rf2 2.Bxd4 Kh1 3.Bxf2= stalemate

1…Rxd4 2.Nxd4 Rf2 3.Nf3+ Rxf3 4.h8Q+-

2.h8Q/R Rxh8 3.Bxh8 Rxa4
3…Rb1 4.Nd4! a) 4.Nb6? Rf1!= (4…dxc6? 5.Nc4 Rf1 6.Bd4+-; 4…Rg1? 5.Nd4 Rg2 6.Nf3+-) ; b) 4.Bd4 Rc1!= (4…Rd1? 5.Be3! Re1 6.Nc3+-) ; c) 4.h7 Rg1! 5.Nd4 Rg2 6.Nf3 Rxg3+ 7.Kxg3= stalemate; 4…Rf1 5.Nc3! (5.h7? /Nb2 5…Rf2 6.Nf3 Rxf3=) 5…Rf2 6.Nf3 Rxf3 7.Ne4!+-

4.Nb4! sacrifice 1
4.Bb2? Ra2! 5.Nd4 Rxb2 6.Nf3 Rg2! 7.h7 Rxg3+ 8.Kxg3= stalemate

4…Rxb4 5.Bf6!
5.h7? Rb1! 6.Bd4 (6.Ba1 Rxa1 7.h8Q Ra2 8.Qa1+ Rxa1 9.d4 Rxa6 stalemate) 6…Rf1 7.h8Q Rf2! 8.Bxf2= stalemate

or 5…Ra4 6.Bxg5 Ra2 similar

6.Bxg5 Rb2 7.Bd2! sacrifice 2 7…Rxd2 8.g5!
8.Kh4? Rh2+ 9.Kg5 Kg2!=

8…Rh2+ 9.Kg4 Kg2 10.Kf4!
10.d4? Rh1! 11.Kf4 Rf1+ 12.Ke4 Rh1 13.g4 Kg3 14.Kf5 Rf1÷

10…Rh1 11.g4!
11.Kf5? Kxg3 12.g6 Rh5+!=

11…Rf1+ 12.Ke4 Re1+! 13.Kf5 Rf1+ 14.Kg6 Kg3 15.Kh7!
Try: 15.h7? Rh1 16.Kg7 Kxg4 17.h8Q Rxh8 18.Kxh8 Kxg5 19.Kg7 Kf5 20.Kf7 Ke5 21.Ke7 Kxd5 22.Kxd7 (1) 22…Ke5! (22…Kc5? 23.Kc7 d5 24.Kb7 Kd6 25.Kxa7 Kc7 26.d4!+-) 23.Kc6 Ke6 24.d4 d5! 25.Kc5 Ke7 26.Kxd5 Kd7 27.Kc5 Kc7 28.d5 Kd7=

15…Rf7+ 16.Kg8!+-

16.g6 Rf6 17.g7 Kh5 18.g8Q [or 18.Kg8 similar] 18…Rxh6+ 19.Kg7 Rg6+ 20.Kf7/f8 .Rxg8 21.Kxg8 Kg6 22.Kf8 Kf5 23.Ke8/e7 Ke5 24.Kd8!
24.Kxd7? Kxd5 similar a try in (1)

24…Kxd5 25.Kc7!+-

Themes: Elimination of the threat of stalemate in the black counterplay and pawns ending