Nº16 Leonid Topko


Section B.2.

Leonid Topko (Ukraine)


1.Ng3+ Kh2 2.Rh5+!
2.Rg5? Kh3 3.Ne4 Qf1–+
2.Ne4? Qf1+ 3.Kd2 Qf4–+

2…gxh5 3.Ne4+ Kh1 4.Ng3+!
4.Nf2+? Qxf2+ 5.Kxf2 g1Q–+

4…Kh2! the first phase of the decision is over 5.Ne4+ Kh3 the second phase of the decision 6.Nf2+!
6.Ng5+? Kg4!–+

6…Kh4 7.Bd8+ Kg3 8.Bc7+ Kh4 9.Bd8+ positional draw

The sketch presents the Kriyiyi Rig Theme-syntesis of the theme of a multiphase sketch an the theme of changing the game plan . Article of the author in Problemist of Ukraine Nº1 2015