Nº11 Daniele Gatti


Section B.1.

Daniele Gatti (Italy)


1.c7+? Kxc7 2.Ba5+ Kb7! 3.Nd6+ Ka6 4.Bd8 Qe3–+

1…Qxc4 2.Be5+! Ka8 3.Ng6! Qc1+ 4.Kg7!+-

2.c7+ Kxc7
2…Kb7 3.Nd6+-
2…Ka8 3.Nb6+ axb6 4.c8Q+-

3.Nd5+ Kc6 4.Nxc3
4.Nxa7+? Kxc5! 5.Nxc3 Kxc4=

4…Kxc5 5.Nd6 a3 6.Nde4+
6.Kg6? a2 7.Nxa2 Kxd6 8.Kf5 Kc5=

6…Kxc4 7.Na2 Kb3 8.Nec3!+- win by Troyztky

The white forces the black king, to leave the b2-b3 squares and capture with a knight, the pawn of a3, and win. Otherwise, white sacrifices a knight, and mate is produced in the corner of the board