Torneos Formales


The Magyar Sakkvilag organizes a formal study tournament on the occasion 90th birthday of Pal Benko GM. Benko was born on 15th July 1928. He was twice World Champion candidate and he is International Master for chess compositions.
There are two sections in the tournament: wins (A) and draw (B). No set theme.
Tournament director: Peter GyarmatiJudge: Pal Benko


Send your original studies to the address of tournament director: In both sections we accept up to two studies per author. –Closing date: 30th October 2018.
We will publish the provisional award on 15th January 2019 in Magyar -Sakkvilag, and sending it to all participants via email.


JT 65 MICHAL HLINKA (C 25.10.2018)

The Ceskoslovensky Schach organizes  studies tournament on the occasion 65th birthday of Michal Hlinka . There are two sections in the tournament:                                                                                            A) Studies Win                                                                B) Studies Draw -Stalemate in the final position                                                                                                 Director: Mario G. García  – Judge: Michal Hlinka  

Send your original studies to the address of tournament director: :  In both sections we accept up to three  studies per author. –Closing date: 25th October 2018. –The provisional award will be sent to all participants via email and will be published at the beginning of the year 2019 in the magazine Ceskoslovensky Schach


MYKOLA KONDRATYUK Memorial Competition – 70
The editorial board of the “Problem Student Ukraine” magazine and the chess composition committee of the FSU announce a memorial con-
The course of drawing up sketches in memory of the 7-time Ukrainian Champion on the decision, the bronze medal winner of the World ChampionshipIn 1998, as part of the Ukrainian team, Mykola Kondratyuk. The judge is Vladimir Samilo, e-mail: Subject: solution with a length of no more than 7 steps.
No more than two sketches from the author. Established prizes, honored and commendable reviews. Studies in electronic send by e-mail to the judge till September 23, 2018. The results of the competition will be announced by the end of 2018.



The Royal Moroccan Chess Federation (FRME) organizes the 4th Composing Tourney in four 6 sections:

Threemovers (#3) Judge: Elmar Abdullayev ( Azerbaijan)
Moremovers (#N) Judge: Oto Mihalčo (Slovakia)
Selfmates (S#) Judge: Miodrag Mladenovic (Serbia)
Studies (+;=) Judge: Mario Guido García (Argentina)
Send to tournament director: Threemovers, Moremovers, Studies and Selfmates to Vidadi 

Twomovers (#2) Judge: Mark Basisty (Ukraine)
Send to tournament director: Twomovers to Youness Ben Jelloun

Helpmates (h#2) Judge: Francesco Simoni (Italy)
Helpmates (H#3 and H#N) Judge: Valery Kirillov (Russia)
Send to tournament director: H#2, H#3 and H#N to Jamal M Elbaz, .
Prizes, honourable mentions and commendations will be awarded. -Closing date: 30. 09. 2018.



Foto Mario Garcia 4PC140014The Argentinian´s Union of Problemists of Chess announces the tournament of composition  JT70  Mario Guido García

 Studies- Sections:   A) Thematic: Culmination in mate with Knight or Bishop in the center of board  (black King  located in any of the 16 central squares) ;  B) Theme free in two sections : B.1.) Win and B.2.) Draw –  Judge  : Mario G. García 

Problems – Sections :  2# – 3#  – N# –  (#4 a #6 )  and  (#7 a more moves) –  If the number of miniatures are significant, they will be evaluated in a special section- Judge  : Mario G. García

Prizes , honourable mentions , commendations and special nominations will be awarded.- The provisional award , will be available in the website of the UAPA , and will be sent to all participants by e-mail. Not more than three studies or problems   per composer for each section – Send to  director Felipe Guanca<>  Closing date: 22th june  2018  – Award Provisional #2 



1) Maximum number of pieces:
– for tasks (maximum pieces for problems) – 15,
– for studies (maximum pieces for studies) – 10;
2) The number of tracks in each section is unlimited.
3) Judges:
(# 2) – Pavel Murashev,
(# 3) – Igor Agapov,
(#N) – Oleg Efrosinin,
Studies – Sergey Osintsev,
(Helpmates) – Viktor Zaitsev,
(Selfmates) – Gennady Kozyura,
(Fairy chess) – Alexander Bulavka;
5) You must send your tasks and sketches to the e-mail address of the tournament director:
Pavlov Sergey Pavlovich E-mail:
Deadline for submitting compositions is September 15, 2018
The results of the competition will be announced and published by December 31, 2018.



The Commission of Chess Composition of Georgia announces international competition in Studies – Velimir Kalandadze MT.

The theme: Rooks studies 

The judge: David Gurgenidze -The prize: The Books of Velimir Kalandadze

Each composer may send unlimited number of studies by email to in PGN format. The deadline for the chess studies is 1st of February, 2019.
The results will be announced on on 10th of May, 2019.


Batumi Chess Olympiad 2018

Batumi Chess Olympiad 2018 The Chess Composition Tournament Has Started!

The Organizing Committee of the 2018 World Chess Olympiad and the Georgian Chess Federation are organizing the chess composition contest.

The tournament sections and judges:

A. The Twomovers – Judge: Givi Mosiashvili (Georgia)
B. The Threemovers – Judge: Mike Prcic (USA)
C. The Moremovers – Judge: Mikhail Marandjuk (Ukraine)
D. The Endgame studies to win – Judge: David Gurgenidze (Georgia)
E. The Endgame studies to draw – Judge: David Gurgenidze (Georgia)
F. The Helpmates – Judge: Vasyl Kryzhanivskyi (Ukraine)
G. The Selfmates – Judge: Zoran Gavrilovski (Macedonia)
H. The Fairy-Judge: Petko Petkov (Bulgaria)

The Director of the tournament is Ferad Kakabadze (Ferhat Karmil) (Batumi).
In each section, only three compositions by each author, and the joint compositions are not allowedThe Deadline is September 20th, 2018.
The compositions must be sent to this email address:
Three medals and certificates are awarded to the winner of each section.


The Israeli chess composition society (ICCS) announces a study tourney in memory of the late Raaphi Persitz (1934 – 2009).
On 4 February 2019 it will be ten years since Raaphi passed away. Persitz excelled in three fields: Economy, linguistics and chess. A great analyst and a strong over-the-board player (he won a game from future candidate Huebner and drew with Korchnoi, Larsen, Szabo and Olafsson), he loved studies and planned (which, alas, he didn’t manage to materialize) writing a book about miniature studies.
Theme: clear, straightforward, easy to understand studies.
Artistic, tactical, surprising works will be appreciated. Extra-deep ideas, complex side-variations and studies which lean heavily on DB, will not.
The theme corresponds with the taste of the late Persitz.
Judge: Amatzia Avni – Tournament director: Ofer Comay
Prizes: first two places 150$ each, and books to the next four places.
Each composer may send up to two entries (joint compositions included) by e-mail to the tourney director – preferably in PGN format.
Closing date: 15 November 2018. The award will be finalized and sent by e-mail to all participants on 4 February 2019 and will be published later in the Israeli “Variantim”.


1 de agosto de, 2018 “Ural Problemist-25”
Un concurso dedicado al aniversario de la revista Ural popular.
# 2 – Juez: Vyacheslav Pilchenko
# 3 -Juez: Valery Shavyrin
# 4-10 (4-10 estera se mueve) – Juez Valery Kirillov
Etudes – Juez: Sergei Osintsev
H # 2 – Juez: Vladislav Nefedov
S # 3-8  – Juez: Andrei Selivanov
HS # 3 . Sin condiciones de hadas adicionales y piezas de hadas –– Juez Andrei Selivanov
En todas las secciones del tema – libre. Máximo 3 composiciones por el autor en la sección.
Tareas para enviar al 1 de agosto 2018 por correo electrónico al director del torneo Valery Kirillov
Establecido los premios, certificados y reconocimientos.
Los resultados del concurso serán publicados en el sitio y en un número especial de la revista “Ural Problemist” en diciembre de 2018.


 JVladislav TarasiukT50 VLADISLAV TARASIUK

The editorial office of the magazine “The Problemist of Ukraine” announces the jubilee tourney, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Kharkiv study composer

The theme is free. -The prize fund is250 $.
Studies in electronic form, not more than three from the author (including joint ones), should be sent by 09.03.2018to the address of the judge-jubilee bye-mail:  

Award Provisional –  Look in ARVES



Nos complace anunciar el torneo para problemas y estudios con 8-10 piezas (fotograbados).
Secciones del torneo: # 2, # 3, # 4-12, Estudios, H # 2-6, S # 3-12, Hadas (HS # 2-4, Ser-h # 4-6, hada
piezas y condiciones no están permitidas).
Cada compositor puede enviar no más de tres composiciones en cada sección (incluida la articulación).
Juez es Igor Agapov (Rusia).
La última fecha para enviar las composiciones es el 15 de julio de 2018 por correo electrónico:
Recomendaciones para la preparación de composiciones (importante):
– enviar problemas y estudios en formato DOC (no PGN, no PDF),
– use la notación KQRBS para la grabación de la solución



Armenian Chess Federation and Commission on Chess composition announces an International chess study composing tourney “YEREVAN-2800”. The main judge of the contest is Alexey Gasparyan, the judge is Sergey Kasparyan.

Four monetary prizes are established :1st prize- 80000 AMD-2nd prize-60000 AMD-3rd prize-40000 AMD -and 4th prize-20000 AMD
Chess studies by a free theme (no more than 2 from the author taking into account collective ones) should be send to the e-mail address of the Director of contest Ashot Uzunyan by July 1, 2018 . Director of the competition A.Uzunyan in anonymized form will send studies to the judges for the award.
Preliminary results will be published on the website in August, and the final results will come into forse by the anniversary of Yerevan – in October 2018.


(#2, #3, N#, +=)
Azerbaijanian Comission of Chess Composition announced composing tournament «Jirtdan 2018» (#2, #3, #N, +=). Jirtdan is a problem or study with not more than 5 pieces (including kings). Some history: Jirtdan is one of the most popular character of Azerbaijanian fairy tales. He is distinguished by his national identity, courage and wittiness. Jirtdan is an intelligent yongster with tiny heigth. «Jirtdan» is translated from azerbaijanian as small, tiny. In a fairy tale he saved his friends outwitting giant Div. Section and judges: 1) Tvomovers (#2) – Mykola Chernyavsky (Ukraine). Theme: Baby problems. 2) Threemovers (#3) – Elmar Abdullaev (Azerbaijan). Theme: Baby problems. 3) Moremovers: (N#) – Aleksandr Sygurov (Russia). Theme: Baby problems. 4) Studies (+=) – Harold van der Heijden (The Netherlands). Theme: Baby studies. Prizes: Diplomas. Send the maximum 3 baby compositions to the director of the competition Elmar Abdullayev, E-mail: Please send problems in WORD and studies PGN files. Closing date: 01.03.2018. – Award Provisional



  1. Twomovers – Judge: Paz Einat (Israel)
  2. Threemovers – Judge: Zoran Gavrilovski (Macedonia)
  3. Moremovers in 4 to 15 moves – Judge: Mark Erenburg (Israel)
  4. Endgame studies – Judge: Harold van der Heijden (Netherlands)
  5. Helpmates in 3 moves – Judge: Christopher Jones (Great Britain)
  6. Selfmates in 3 to 5 moves – Judge: Petko Petkov (Bulgaria)
  7. Fairies (help-selfmates in 3 to 5 moves) – Judge: Vlaicu Crișan (Romania)
  8. Retros and Proofgames – Judge: Hans Gruber (Germany)

n each section, only one composition by each author is acceptable and joint compositions are not allowed.he theme is free in all sections. In the fairies section (help-selfmates in 3 to 5) fairy pieces and conditions are not allowed. Only computer-tested problems by one of the Alybadix, Popeye or WinChloe programs are allowed; the participants should state with which software they tested their composition.-The director of the tournament is Alexander Bulavka (Belarus).-Entries must be sent in diagrams with complete solution and any comments by email only to the director’s address: target=”_blank”> should mention their postal address in the email.The closing date is February 1st, 2018.-The director will send all compositions to the judges on uniform and anonymous diagrams by February 15th, 2018. All judges should prepare their awards by May 15th, 2018. The results will be published on the Internet by June 1st, 2018 and they will be announced final after two months allowed for claims of anticipation and unsoundness.-In each section medals for 1st-3rd places, prizes, honourable mentions and commendations will be awarded, as well as certificates for the prizes signed by the President of the FIDE.