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foto-timman-images                JAN HENDRIK TIMMAN – 65 JT

To celebrate the 65th birthday of the famous Dutch over-the-board GM ánd endgame study composer Jan Timman, two composing tourneys for endgame studies are announced:

  1. Only for over the board title-holders (FIDE GM, IM, FM, WGM, WIM, WFM) -Theme: free – Judges: Yochanan Afek & Hans Böhm -Tourney director: Harold van der Heijden – Prize fund: 1000 EUR
  2. Open section -Theme: mate by the bishop (or struggle against mate by the bishop) – Judges: Jan Timman & Hans Böhm -Tourney director: Harold van der Heijden, -Prize fund: 1000 EUR – Send your originals before July 1st 2017 to the tourney director: preferably in PGN-format. In both sections there is a maximum of three studies per composer. Co-authored studies are allowed (in the first section all authors must be title holders).-The final award will be ready on December 14th 2017, the 66th birthday of Jan Timman.- The prize money is made available by Böhm Communications BV – In this way, Hans Böhm celebrates 50 years of close friendship with Jan Timman.



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The Romanian magazine SAH is organizing the free theme endgame contest “Mircea Pavlov 80 JT”, dedicated to its Editor-in-chief, well-known player (IM) and honored trainer.
Judge: GM John Nunn.The entries have to be sent at the Tournament Director Dinu-Ioan Nicula, mail: –  Prizes in chess literature –.Deadline: 1st of June 2017


 The Czech Chess Association and the Československý šach magazine announce an international EG study tournament.
Judges: Jaroslav Polášek and Emil Vlasák celebrating his 60th birthday.
Free theme, the judges are ready to grant special awards for development of themes and ideas.
Send originals (max 3 pieces per composer) the tournament director Emil Vlasák with CC to –  Closing date: 30 March 2017
Prize fund 10 000 Kč (about 400 EUR).You can find current info, list of incoming entries, comments and award on web page .The award will be also published in Československý šach magazine.
Selivanov 220px-Andrei_Selivanov_2010_Moscow_01

Russian Chess Federation and the magazine “Chess Composition” announce a competition of drawing up of chess compositions, devoted to the 50 anniversary of the Vice-President of the Russian Chess Federation, International Grandmaster for chess composition, the multiple world champion Andrei V. Selivanov, in six sections: twomovers (# 2) -Tree movers (# 3) –Moremovers (# 4-7)- Etudes (+ – =) – helpmate (h # 3-7) – selfmate (s # 3-7) The judge of all the sections – Andrei Selivanov . Established the prizes, certificates and accolades.
All sections of the book for the winners of the prizes established, original medals, diplomas.
Songs, not more than 3 by the author in the section (including joint), should be sent before 07.09.2017 to the Director of the competition Boris Shorohova by e-mail: (marked “A. Selivanov – 50”) and
indicating the home address.



To celebrate the special 64th chess birthday of Jurgen Stigter, the famous chess book collector and former president of ARVES, a composing tourney for endgame studies is announced.  -Theme: free -Maximum 2 entries per composer are allowed. –

Judge: Yochanan Afek – Send your original entries director: Luc Palmans   only in a PGN format by e-mail to:   -The provisional award will be published in “EG” early 2018.  Three money prizes in powers of 2, courtesy the jubilant, will be awarded: First prize:  512 Euros; Second Prize:  256 Euros; Third prize: 128 Euros and special prizes of 64 Euros. Honourable mentions and commendations will be awarded as well.  Closing date: August 13, 2017


1st open Armenian Cup Genrikh Kasparyan

KasparyanFoto2 section: 1.Theme free –  2. Thematic theme – In the study (win or draw) at least once and the white and black refuse to accept the figure of the enemy (but not a pawn!).

Alexey Gasparyan ,JTI.Bilek -75 ,  5 Prize , 2008

    Ty Kasparyan bview.php

1.d6 ! (but not 1. Bxg8 ? – theme N1) 1…Qxd6 2.Bxh3+ Kxh1 3.Qxd6 Rg1+ 4.Bf1! Rxf1 + 5.Kd2 Sc4 6.Ke2 Rxf2 + (6…Sxd6 ? – theme N2) 7.Ke1 !! (7.Kxf2 ? – theme N3) 7…Sxd6 8.Kxf2= .

In each section, only one composition by each author is acceptable and joint compositions are not allowed. Judge: S.KasparyanPrize fund: 100 000 armenian dram.-Send your originals before 1 June 2017 the tournament director  A.Gasparyan g.aleks58@bk.ruThe award will be also published in 2017.


SAMIR BADALOV – 55 MT, 2017- (Studies)

The Azerbaijan Chess Composition Commission announces an International Composing “Samir Badalov-55 MT”’ memorial tournament for studies (free theme).
Judge: Muradkhan Muradov (Azerbaijan).
Send (please PGN) to tournament director: Elmar Abdullayev (Azerbaijan)
Closing date: 31. 05. 2017. The award – 2017.


AGSHIN MASIMOV – 55 JT, 2017 (Studies)
The Azerbaijan Chess Composition Commission announces an International Composing
“Agshin Masimov – 55”’ jubilee tournament for studies (free theme).
Judge: Agshin Masimov (Azerbaijan). Send (please PGN) to tournament director: Elmar Abdullayev (Azerbaijan)-
Closing date: 31. 05. 2017. The award – 2017.


Russian Chess Federation Announced a contest of studies . Compositions dedicated to the memory of  Alexei Troisky , in honor of the 150th anniversary of His birthContest Formal of Studies (Theme free): Send the studies to Boris Shorokhov .     Judge: Yury Bazlov –  Deadline : 15 January 2017.


 akobDavid_1Preliminary Award JT65 M


The Commission of Chess Composition of Georgia and the , Union Argentina of Problematicists of Chess (UAPA) announces a composition tourney (studies) in homage to, Iuri Akobia

The thematic tournament are related to the content of the three books of Iuri Akobia,

Section A) Studies with stalemate –  Judge:David Gurgenidze

Section B) Studies with mate  –  Judge:David Gurgenidze

Section C) Studies with positional draw  – Judge: Mario G. García

Send the studies before 1-2-2017 to the Director: Mario G. García : –Not more that three studies per composer in each section (joint works allowed)

Prizes: The books of Iuri Akobia to the winners in relation with each of the thematic sections, and diplomas –
The preliminary award will be sent to all participants and can see in the website of the UAPA


5th FIDE World Cup in Composing 2017 (01.02.2017)

The International Chess Federation (FIDE), within the framework of its “Chess Composition” special project, is organising the 5th FIDE World Cup in Composing for 2017 in eight sections.

The tournament sections and judges are as follows: – A. Twomovers – Judge:  Givi Mosiashvili (Georgia) – B. Threemovers – Judge: Evgeny Bourd (Israel) -C. Moremovers – Judge: Mikhail Maranduk (Ukraine)  -D. Endgame studies – Judge: Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen (Denmark) E. Helpmates – Judge: Vasyl Kryzhanivskyi (Ukraine)-F. Selfmates – Judge: Alexander Azhusin (Russia) -G. Fairies – Judge: Petko Petkov (Bulgaria) H. Retros and Proofgames – Judge: Kostas Prentos (Greece)

In each section, only one composition by each author is acceptable and joint compositions are not allowed.-The theme is free in all sections, and any number of moves is acceptable in the h# and s# sections. In the fairies section, only computer-tested problems by one of the Alybadix, Popeye or WinChloe programs are allowed; the participants should state with which software they tested their composition.

The Director of the tournament is Boris Shorokhov.-Entries must be sent in diagrams with complete solution and any comments by e-mail only to the director’s address: bbs64@mail.ruParticipants should mention their postal address in the e-mail. –The closing date is February 1st, 2017.

The director will send all compositions to the judges on standardised anonymous diagrams by February 15th, 2017.-All judges should prepare their awards by May 15th, 2017.

The results will be published on the Internet by June 1st, 2017 and they will be declared final after two months allowed for claims of anticipation and unsoundness.- In each section, medals for 1st – 3rd prizes (places), prizes, honourable mentions and commendations will be awarded. Certificates for the all prizes signed by the President of the FIDE Mr. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov



IM Jorge J. Lois is turning 70 years old in December 05, 2016. To celebrate, the Unión Argentina de Problemistas de Ajedrez has organized the Jubilee Tourney Jorge J. Lois – 70 in four stipulations mentioned below: 

h#2, h#2.5-3, h#3.5-n and Proof games. In all those cases the theme is free.

Judge: Jorge J. Lois – The entries must be sent by mail to the Director of the event Mario Guido Garcia marioggarcia@gmail.comClosing date: December 31, 2016

The award will be published on the site of the Union Argentina de Problemistas de Ajedrez, dedicated to the history of chess problem composition in Argentina.


l MI Jorge J. Lois cumple 70 años el 05 de Diciembre del 2016. Para celebrarlo, la Unión Argentina de Problemistas de Ajedrez ha organizado el Torneo Jubileo Jorge J. Lois – 70 en las cuatro estipulaciones mencionadas a continuación:

h#2, h#2.5-3, h#3.5-n y Partidas justificativas. En todos los casos el tema es libre.

Los originales deben ser enviados por mail al Director  Mario G. García –  Fecha de cierre: 31de Diciembre del 2016

El veredicto será publicado en el sitio de la Unión Argentina de Problemistas de Ajedrez, lugar dedicado a la historia de la composición ajedrecística en Argentina.



The Union Argentina of Problemistas’s  of Chess is pleased to announce a formal international chess problem composing Tourney in memory of the argentine composer  Horacio L.  Musante

#2 – Judge:  Valerio Agostini ( Italy)
#3 and  #n –  ( in two sections a) #4 to #6 ; b) #7 to more)  –   Judge : Mario G. García (Argentina)

Send the problems to the Coordinator of the  tounammentsFelipe Guanca–.Email:<>Prize , honourable mentions , commendations and special nominations, will be awarded. The preliminary and final awards of the tourney will be sent to participants by e-mail and will be published on the websitesUnión Argentina de Problemistas de Ajedrez (UAPA)  Closing date: 9 -7- 2017


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