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Georgian Chess Federation announces an international tournament in chess study composition – In Memory of Generation.
The tournament is dedicated to five of the most distinguished representatives of the Georgian chess study tradition – International Grandmasters in Chess Composition Gia Nadareishvili (1921-1991) and Iosif Krikheli (1931-1988) and International Masters Velimir Kalandadze (1935-2017), Vazha Neidze (1937-2020) and Iuri Akobia (1937-2014).

The tournament consists of five themes dedicated to each.

1) Gia Nadareishvili – Fight against black Queen
2) Iosif Krikheli – Studies with thematic false attempt
3) Velimir Kalandadze – Rook endgame studies
4) Vazha Neidze – Stalemate studies
5) Iuri Akobia – Checkmate studies

Three winners in each of the tournaments will be awarded with medals, diplomas and books by and about respective composers. All tournaments will be judged by International Grandmaster in Chess Composition and International Arbiter David Gurgenidze.

The deadline for study submission is 1 February, 2021. Please submit studies by email to The awards of the competition will be published on the website


  6th Composing Tourney of FRME, 2020

The Royal Moroccan Chess Federation (FRME) organizes the 6th Composing Tourney in four 8 sections:

Twomovers(#2)Judge:Mikhail Khramcevich (Belarus) Send to tournament director: Youness Ben Jelloun (Marocco) E-mail:

Threemovers(#3)- Judge:Oleg Efrosinin (Russia)

Moremovers(#N) –Judge:Valery Kirillov (Russia)

Studies(+;=) Judge:Yochanan Afek (Israel)

Selfmates(S#)-Judge:Valery Kopyl (Ukraine)Send to tournament director: Vidadi Zamanov (Azerbaijan)E-mail:

Helpmates –H#2 Judge:Ladislav Packa (Slovakia)

Helpmates H#2,5-3 Judge: Kenneth Solja (Finland)

Helpmates-H#3.5-N Judge:Hans Gruber (Germany) Send to tournament director: Jamal M Elbaz (Morocco) E-mail:

Prizes, honourable mentions and commendations will be awarded.Send problems and studies in format PDF.Closing date: 30.09. 2020. The award –2020 All received problems will be presented to the judge in anonymous form. Award will be published on the website:



Francesco SIMONI 60 JUBILEE – THEMATIC TOURNEY -Judge: Francesco Simoni (Italy)
Helpmates in 3,5 or more moves showing the Perpetuum mobile theme are required. By making the key, a new problem comes out, which is solved by returning the key piece to the starting  square.

Mario PARRINELLO 60 JUBILEE – THEMATIC TOURNEY -Judge: Petko A. Petkov (Bulgaria)
Are required Helpselfmate (HS≠) in n moves with any kind of cyclic play; all fairy pieces and conditions are allowed. The problems must be cheked (C+) by any known solving program.

Stefano MARIANI 60 JUBILEE – FREE THEME TOURNEY -Judge: Paz Einat (Israel)
Are required ≠2, free theme. Fairy pieces or conditions are not allowed.
All problems will be submitted to the judge anonymously.

Send originals by e-mail to the tournament director Antonio Garofalo,
Address: Deadline 31/12/2020.

See conditions and examples for the three tournaments at


BOSKO MILOSESKI -75JT Announces International, Anniversary, Competition “B. Miloseski-75JT ”for compiling multi-pass tasks (#N).
Please send your tasks to the tournament director, Bosko Milosesku, at his email address: Tasks will be accepted until November 1, 2020.All multi-entry applications submitted to the contest will be published on ChessStar.comJudge of the competition – Ferhat Karmil (Turkey)Preliminary results will be sent to all contest participants in the newsletter 12/24/2020, final – 02/24/2021.



In order to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Brazilian problemist Almiro Zarur, born on June 7th, 1920, Ricardo de Mattos Vieira and Marcos Roland launch a thematic tourney in two sections (# 2 and h # 2).

SECTION A Stipulation: # 2 Judge: Marjan Kovacevic (Serbia) Send entries by e-mail until December 31st, 2020 to the Director of the section Borislav Gadjanski (Serbia) –

 SECTION B Stipulation: h # 2 Judge: Paz Einat (Israel) Send entries by e-mail until December 31st, 2020 to the Director of the section Antonio Garofalo (Italy) – (please include FEN – Forsyth notation of the position – to allow easier production of anonymous diagrams) – Conditions and examples see     PDF   100 Ty – Announcement



The disadvantage of the advantage tourney

The famous Dutch soccer Jhoan Cruijff once saidi «feder voordeel heb ze nadeel» which trlates into «Every adventage has its disadvantage» . I always thought this could be the theme of a wonderful endgame atudy, but my own tries never resulted in something really beatiful. Consequently. with my 60th birthday coming up on 17-ii 2020, I decided to organise a theme tourney –

The entries should be sent by e-mail to the address of tourney director: Harold van der Heijden: in  format pgn, but please supply ans explanation of the advantage and disadvantage show – Closing date: february 16 ,2020- Prizes- 250 ; 125 and 75 euros  -Look the example and explanation of the theme in file : PDF 


Chess Composing Tournament – Dedicated to the 44thWorld Chess Olympiad of 2020- Tournament Suspended

The All-Russian Public Organization “The Chess Federation of Russia” (CFR) and, at therequest of the CFR, the Commission for Chess Composition (CCC) announce an interna-tional chess composing tournament dedicated to the 44thWorld Chess Olympiad of 2020.The chess composing tournament will be conducted in the following eight sections:twomovers; threemovers; moremovers; endgame studies; helpmates; selfmates in 2-12moves; fairy compositions; retrosand proofgames.The number of entries from one author in a section must not exceed two. Moreover, on-ly oneindividual composition will be allowed, i.e. one author can maximally submit oneindividual and onejoint composition or twojoint entries. The number of co-authors of collective compositions is not limited.All compositions are to be sent by email to the Executive Director of the tournament Vitaliy Medintsev,email:, no later than Suspended (Suspendido) All participants are asked topresent their entries not only on diagrams but also in FEN notation.Information on the tournament, including the award, will be posted on the CFR website: judges are:TwomoversV.Markovtsiy (Ukraine    Threemovers –V.Kirillov (Russia)Moremovers –V.Volchek (Belarus)Endgame studies –M.Hlinka (Slovakia)Helpmates –B.Shorokhov (Russia)Selfmates in 2-12moves –V.Kopyl (Ukraine) Fairies –P.Petkov (Bulgaria)Retros –V.Crisan (Romania).Additional information on the Fairies section from the judge P.Petkov:1.

All types of fairy stipulations are allowed. There are no restrictions on the use of fairy pieces and conditions.2. Only computer-tested (C+) entries will be allowed. The author must specify the pro-gram (and the program’s version) that was used to test the entry. Entries without such in-formationwill not be accepted for the tournament.The preliminary award will be posted on the website The preliminary award may also be presented on a number of other sites.After the publication of the preliminary award, the participants will have 1 month for submitting their claims of defects and anticipations.After analyzing the claims, the judges will prepare the final award in each section.The CFR will present certificates and commemorative medals to the winners of the tournament. The judges will also receive commemorative medals


8th FIDE World Cup in Composing 2020


The organizers are the International Chess Federation, with the participation of the World Federation for Chess Composition.

The holding of the tournament is the direct responsibility of the Director and the Panel of Judges:

The Director of the tournament is Aleksandr Bulavka (Belarus).

  • A. Twomovers – Judge: Dragan Stojnić (Serbia) -B. Threemovers – Judge: Miodrag Mladenović (Serbia)
  • C. Moremovers – Judge: Mikhail Marandyuk (Ukraine) -D. Endgame studies – Judge: Yochanan Afek (Israel)
  • E. Helpmates – Judge: Michal Dragoun (Czech Republic)- F. Selfmates – Judge: Aleksandr Azhusin (Russia)
  • G. Fairies – Judge: Vlaicu Crisan (Romania) H. Retros and Proofgames – Judge: Nicolas Dupont (France)
  • 3. TIME SCHEDULE OF THE EVENTThe closing date for submitting the entries is May 15, 2020.– The director will send all compositions to the judges on uniform and anonymous diagrams by June 1, 2020. All judges are to submit their awards by August 1, 2020.4. PARTICIPANTSAnyone wishing to take part in the tournament can do so.5. PROCEDURE FOR PARTICIPATIONIn each section, only one composition by each author is acceptable and joint compositions are not allowed.The theme is free in all sections. In the fairies section (G), there is no restriction on stipulations, conditions, the use of fairy pieces, or the number of moves. – In the selfmates section (F) and fairies section (G), only computer-tested problems (using Alybadix, Popeye, Gustav or WinChloe) are allowed; the participants should specify the version of the program they used to test their entry.Entries must be sent on diagrams with complete solutions and any comments by email only to the Director’s address: –Participants should mention their postal address in the email.6. TOURNAMENT AWARDAfter receiving the entries in anonymous form from the Director, the judges consider the submitted compositions, determine their originality, difficulty, aesthetic appeal, search for possible anticipations, and decide their ranking in the tournament. In each section, compositions in first, second, and third places must be determined, as well as entries receiving honorary mentions and commendations. It is also possible to specify prize-winning compositions (no more than three per section). After ranking the entries, the judges are to send, within the preset period, their award, with the indication of numbers of the compositions in the award and related comments, to the Director of the tournament. After receiving the awards from the judges, the Director is to enter the names of the authors and provide the preliminary results for publication on the websites of FIDE and WFCC before August 15, 2020. During one month after the publication of the preliminary results, claims of defects and anticipations can be sent to the Director, who will accumulate and forward them to the judges. After receiving the claims, the judges will make the final decision on the results of the World Cup and send the final award to the Director.7. PUBLICATION OF RESULTSThe final results of this competition will be published on the FIDE and WFCC websites no later than Oсtober 1, 2020.8. PRIZE-GIVINGIn each section, the Cup winner will be entitled to a money prize of 500 Euro, a Cup, a medal, and a certificate. Composers in 2nd and 3rd places will be awarded medals and respective certificates. The certificates for 1st-3rd places will be signed by the President of FIDE. The prizes and other distinctions are to be presented to the laureates on October 9, 2020, at the closing ceremony of the World Chess Composition Congress in Rodos (Greece)====================================================


Dansk Skakproblem Klub (The Danish Chess Problem Society) announces a formal study tournament, celebrating the 45th birthday of Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen. –You are invited to participate with your best and most creative works. Theme: Free Closing date: May 20th 2020Judge: The jubilee– The judge favours clear, solver-friendly studies without excessive analytical sidelines.

Please submit your studies (no more than 3 per composer including joint compositions) in PGN format to tournament director Bjørn Enemark at –The provisional award will be made public on August 13th 2020.


PAL BENKO  Memorial Tourney 2020

Section 1: Helpmate in 3 or more moves – Judge: Christopher Jones

Section 2: Help-stalemate in 3 or more moves –  Judge:Mike Prcic

Please see the announcement, conditions and thematic examples in this link Director:János Mikitovics –



Sections – 2# : Judge………;  3# : Judge Mike Prcic.– – 4-10# : Judge Ralf Kraetschmer.

 H2# : Judge  Valéry Kirillov.- H2,5-3# : Judge Janos Csak .

 H3,5- 10#: Judge Marcos Roland .- HS 2-5# : Judges Eric Huber & Vlaicu Crisan.  ( Orthodox & Fairy section)

– Serie : Judge Sébastien Luce.– S# 2-10: Judge Valery Kopyl.

Study : Judge Helmut Waelzel

Theme free- Sent Deadline  : 30 /06/2020



The Union Argentina de Problemistas de Ajedrez is pleased to announce a formal international chess problem composing Tourney in memory of the composer Tomas Salamanca

#2- Theme: There is a white battery. A defense must show a mate by the battery and another defense must show the self-pin of a black piece when captures the front piece of the battery.   Judge:  Jorge M. Kapros  – Examples of the theme click in:    –    B

 #3 and  #N – ( in two sections a) #4 to #6 ; b) #7 to more)- Theme Free –  Judge: Mario García

Send the problems to the Coordinator of the tournamentsFelipe Guanca –Email:<>Prizes , honourable mentions , commendations and special nominations, will be awarded. The preliminary and final awards of the tourney will be sent to participants by e-mail and will be published on the websitesUnión Argentina de Problemistas de Ajedrez (UAPA)   Closing date:  Frebruary 1st,   2020- Problemas de T. Salamanca PDF


2ndTourney Thematic FREM, 2020

The Royal Moroccan Chess Federation (FRME) organizes the 2ndTT FREM, in four 7sections:

Endgame studies :Theme: Double Sacrifice. During the solution, a White minor piece (bishop or knight) moves to a square where is can be captured by at least two of the opponents pieces.Judge:Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen (Denmark)- Send to tournament director: Threemovers (#3), Moremovers (#4-6), Endgame studies and Selfmates (#3-5)to Vidadi Zamanov (Azerbaijan) – Closing date: 15. 08. 2020.  Info for the other genres of the composition. See link  Problémistes Marocains


MT Yves Tallec

o commemorate recently deceased well-known French problemist Yves Tallec (09.12.1927 – 22.04.2020) “Phénix” and AFCE announces a memorial composing tourney in the following sections:
A – Twomovers (#2), Judge: Paz Einat (Israel)
B – Threemovers (#3), Judge: Jean Morice (France)
C – Moremovers (#4-n), Judge: Mirko Degenkolbe (Germany)
D – Helpmates (h#2), Judge: Vitaly Medintsev (Russia)
E – Helpmates (h#2.5-3), Judge: Pierre Tritten (France)
F – Helpmates (h#3.5-n), Judge: Axel Gilbert (France)
G – Selfmates (s#2-n), Judge: Michel Caillaud (France)
The themes are free in all sections
Send entries to the tourney director Abdelaziz Onkoud to his email: or by snail mail: 08 François Villon, n° 2362, 93240 Stains, France
The director will send all compositions to the judges on anonymous diagrams
The problems should be computer-tested -Closing date: December 9, 2020
Book prizes -The award will be published in the magazine “Phénix”



János Mikitovics                            
Attila  Schneider                     
Photo: Gyorgy Honfi / January 2003
János Mikitovics         to Memory of A. Schneider

The Hungarian Chess Composers’ website ( announces an international jubilee tourney on the occasion of the 70th birthday of János Mikitovics (born 18. 7. 1949), to the memory of the Attila Schneider international chess master. -The formal tourney is announced for (win and draw sections) studies with free theme and the judges, using Attila Schneider’s Evaluation Method, will be the participant composers.

The entries should be sent by e-mail to the address of tourney director János Mikitovics: (If possible in pgn, but also the word is good.)Closing date: 15th October 2019.

We will publish the provisional award on 15th January 2020 in the Hungarian website, UAPA & ARVES, and sending it to all participants via email. -The double Hungarian champion, Schneider Attila’s used Evaluation Method is as follows (see ChessClinic’s tourney 2001_2002: winner Pal Benko):

The authors will receive serially numbered anonymous diagrams with solutions after the deadline for submission and from 0 to 5 you can score your competitors’ work. Half points are also possible (0,5; 1,5; etc).The points given to each other will be summed up. The author (or co-authors) wins, who the most points get. Of course the participants are not scoring themselves.-Help for the judges: all authors will also receive an Excel table, in which only the scores must be entered and the completed table returned to the director. -Prize pool in the two sections jointly: 1000 euros.-AWARD Provisional


Viktor Alekseyevich Razumenko MT (18.02.1937-10.02.2019),

Theme free – judge: Alexey Popov -Send to Yakov Rossomakho :yross@mail.ruor postal address: Yakov Rossomakho, Ordinarnaja 12, kv.29, Sankt Peterburg, 197136 Russia closing date: 15.11.2019

100 euro for the 1st prize and books on chess composition or Albums FIDE.All participants will receive award of this tournament.