Nº 10 Walter Diaz


Walter Diaz
I.T. “Orbit” 2009 Part I (revista de Macedonia-fallo publicado en 2010-Part I: incluye obras publicadas desde enero a junio de 2009)- Sección: h#2,5
3º Recomendado
w: Ka5 Rd1 Bf6 c4 e5 g5 (6) b: Ke4 Sd3 Sd4 Rf5 (4)

* 1…Be7 2.Sf4 Rd3 3.Kxe5 Re3#v 1.Rxg5 Rxd3 2.Rf5 Bg5 3.?? Re3#

1.Sxe5 Rd2 2.Sd3+ Be5 3.Sf3 Re2#

“An excellent setting of white square vacation by capture of a white piece, Umnov effects, black switchback and echo model mates. Thematic set-play and tempo try in a economical and well constructed Meredith position” (Zivko Janevski)

“Unusual three-phase play with Umnov effects. The ocurrence of the same mate in the set and virtual play detracts a little, however this problem fully deserves its place in the award (Juez Zoran Gavrilovski)

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