Nº11 Helmut Waelzel


Section A

Helmut Waelzel (Germany)


1.Rd8? Kh2 2.Rh8+ Kg1 3.Rhg8 Ng3+ (here 3… Nf2 4. Rg3 Ng4 5. R3xg4 f2 6. Rxg2+ leads to the same position) 4.Rxg3 f2 5.Rxg2+ Kh1 6.R2g4 f1Q+ 7.Kg5 Qb5+ 8.Kh6 white rook on g8 8…Qb6+ 9.Kh5 Qb5+= draw by perpetual check
1.Rd7? allows different continuations on move seven.

1…Kh2 2.Rh6+ Kg1 3.Rhg6 Ng3+ 4.Rxg3 f2 5.Rxg2+ Kh1 6.R2g4!
6.Rxf2!? stalemate

6…f1Q+ 7.Kg5 Qb5+
7…Qc1+ 8.Kh5 Qd1 9.Rh6 Qc2 10.Kg5+-

8.Kh6 white rook on g6. There is no defence left 8…Qe5 9.Rh4+-