Nº28 Luis Miguel González


Section B.1.

Luis Miguel González (Spain)


The threatening Black pawns force White to manoeuvre quickly 1.Rg8!
1.Ra5? d5+ 2.Kh3 Kb4! 3.Ra8 Be5=

1…Ba7 2.Ra8! Bxe3 3.Rb1 Bc1 4.Rc8+!
4.e5? Kb3! 5.exd6 Bf4+ 6.Kg2 Bxd6=
4.Rxa4+? Kb3 5.Ra6 Kc2=

4…Kd3 5.Rcxc1 bxc1Q 6.Rxc1 Kxe4 7.Rc4+-

5.Rcxc1 White has stopped the worst but Black continues his play on the queenside 5…a3 6.e5!! An important intermediate sacrifice that disrupts Black’s defense
6.Rf1? a2 7.Rbe1 d5! 8.exd5 exd5 9.Kg3 d4=
6.Rc6? Ka2! 7.Rg1 b1Q 8.Rxb1 Kxb1 9.Rxd6 a2=

6…d5 7.Rc6! a2 8.Rb6+ Kc3 9.R6xb2 axb1Q 10.Rxb1+-

The rook move a little farther does not work: 7.Rg1? a2 8.Rbe1 Kc3 9.Kg3 h4+! 10.Kf3 h3! 11.Ke4 Kc2! 12.Re2+ Kb3! 13.Re3+ Kc2!= with a positional draw

7…a2 8.Rbe1 Kc2 It follows a systematic manoeuvre in order to centralize the White king
8…h4 9.Kg2! Kc2 10.Re2+ Kc3 11.Re3+ Kd4 12.Ree1 Kc3 13.Kf3 transposes to the solution

9.Rf2+? Kc3 10.Rf3+ Kd2! 11.Rff1 Kc2 12.Re2+ loss of time

9…Kc3 10.Re3+ Kd4
10…Kd2 11.Ra3! b1Q 12.Rxa2+! Qxa2 13.Rf2+ Ke3 14.Rxa2+-

11.Ree1 Kc3! 12.Kg3!
12.Kg2? e4! 13.Kg3 e5=

12…h4+! 13.Kf3!
White declines the pawn as Black would form a barrier preventing the White king from penetrating the center after: 13.Kxh4? e4! 14.Kg4 e5=

13…Kc2 14.Re2+! Kc3 15.Re3+ Kd4 16.Ree1!Kd3 Black king limits access to e4 but finally allows: 17.Ra1! e4+ 18.Kg2! bxa1Q 19.Rxa1 e3 20.Rxa2!
20.Kf1? Ke4! 21.Ke2 Kf4 22.Rxa2 h3=

20…e2 21.Kf2+-