Nº35 Marc Gelly


Section B.2.

Marc Gelly (France)



1.Rh8? f×g3! 2.Rd8 K×b1 3.Rd1+ Kç2 4.Rg1 e2 5.Kg4 b3
6.Kf3 Kd3 7.N×b3 g4+! 8.K×g3 Be3! -+
6.N×b3 K×b3 7.K×g3 ç4 8.Kf2 ç3 9.Rb1+ Ka2 10.Rb8 ç2 11.Rç8 Kb1 12.Rb8+ Kç1 13.K×e2 g4 14.Rb4 g3 15.Kf3 Bd2 -+

Black counterplay:the pawn sacrifice allows a Q-promotion or à N-promotion on f1.
1…K×b3 2.g4! e2 3.Nd2+and 4.Nf3 =(2…f3 3.Rh8! =)
1…K×b1 2.Kg4! Kç2 3.R×h6 =
1…f×g3 2.Nç1+ K×b1 3.Ne2 g2 4.R×h6 Kç2 5.Kg4 b3 6.Rh8 b2 7.Rb8 b1Q 8.R×b1 K×b1 9.Kf3 Kç2 10.K×e3 =
1…ç4 2.g4 =

2.Nç3+? K×b3 2.N×e2 f3 4.Nç1+ Kç2! 5.Nd3 b3!
6.Rh8 g4! 7.N×ç5 b2 8.Rb8 b1Q 9.R×b1 K×b1 -+
6.Ne1+ Kç3 7.N×f3 b2 -+
6.g4 f2! 7.N×f2 b2 -+

2…K×b1 3.N×e2 f3! 4.Nç3+!!
4.Rh8? g4 -+

b-file aperture with tempo gain for the rook or
4…Kç2 5.g4 (or 5.Rh8 =) f2 6.Nd1! (f1- square virtual control) b3 (6…K×d1 7.Rh8 =) 7.Rh8!
7…f1N 8. Ne3+!=
7…b2 8.Rb8 b1Q 9.R×b1 K×b1 10.N×f2 draw.

5.Rh8? g4! -+

5…f2 6.Rh8 f1Q 7.Rb8+ Kç2 8.Rb2+ Kd3 9.Rd2+ Kç4 10.Rd4+ Kb5 11.Rb4+ Kç6 12.Rb6+ Kd5 13.Rd6+ Kç4 14.Rd4+ Kb3 15.Rb4+ Kç2 16.Rb2+ DRAW.

The rook draws an eight.Last,but not least!
Theme:Self-incarceration. Compound move: 4.Nç3+!! «Tour folle».