Nº29 Daniele Gatti & Mario Micaloni


Section B.1.

Daniele Gatti & Mario Micaloni (Italy)


1.Rxg2? Nxc2 2.g7 Ng6! 3.Kh7 b1Q 4.g8Q Qb7+! 5.Qg7 Qxg2 6.Qh6+ Kg4 7.Qxg6+ Kf3 8.Qxg2+ Kxg2 9.Nb5 Ne1 10.Nxc3=

1…Ng6 2.Bxg6+!+-
1…Nf7 2.Rxg2! Nh6+ 3.Kh7! Nxc2 4.Rh2+! Kg5 5.Rxh6! b1Q 6.g8Q+-

2.Rh2+! Kg5
2…Qxh2? 3.gxh8Q+-

3.gxh8Q Kf4+ 4.Kf8!
4.Kf7? Qxa7+!=
4.Qg7 Qxg7+ 5.Kxg7 Nxc2! 6.Rxc2 b1Q–+

4…Qc5+ 5.Ke8! Qe3+ 6.Kd8! Qb6+ 7.Kc8! Qe6+ 8.Kb8! Na6+
8…Nxc2 9.Qh4+! Qg4 10.Qf2+! Kg5 11.Qc5+!+-

9.Kb7? Nc5+ 10.Kc7 Na6+ 11.Kb7 Nc5+=

9…Qd5+ 10.Nc6 Qxc6+ 11.Ka7 Qc7+ 12.Kxa6 Qc6+ 13.Ka5 Qc5+ 14.Ka4 Qc4+ 15.Ka3! b1N+ 16.Bxb1+-

Royal March – Active role of wBc2 in the very end.