Nº25 Michael Pasman


Section B.1.

Michael Pasman (Israel)


1.d6!! exf6 Of course on capturing knight White wins with d7 (f7)
1…Bf5 2.Ng7!!+-
1…exd6 2.Nxd6+ Kxf6 3.Nxe4+-

2.Ng7!! Now Black has no good move with the bishop. There are 2 main lines. One main line :
2.d7? Ke7 3.Nxf6 Bd3=

2…Bh7 Best place for the bishop.
2…Bg6 3.d7 Ke7 4.Ne6 Kxd7 5.Nf8+-
2…Bd3 3.d7 Ke7 4.Ne6 Kxd7 5.Nxc5+-;
Second main line 2…f5 3.Kb2! White King is going to Queen side. (3.Kd2? Bb1! 4.Kc1 (4.Kc3? Ba2!=) 4…Be4 (4…Ba2 5.Nxf5+-) ) 3…Kf6! (3…Bd3 4.d7 Ke7 5.Ne6 Kxd7 6.Nxc5+-) 4.Kb3! a) 4.Kc1 Kf7=; b) 4.Kc3 Bb1 (4…Kf7) ; c) Try : 4.Ka3 Bc2! 5.Kb2 Bd1! 6.Kc1 Be2! (6…Ba4? 7.d7 Ke7 8.Ne6) ; 4…Bb1 a) 4…Kf7 5.Ka4 (5.Kc3 Kf6 6.Kb2 Kf7) 5…Bd3 6.Ka5 Bxc4 7.Kb6; b) 4…Bd3 5.d7 Ke7 6.Ne6 Bxc4+ 7.Kxc4+-; 5.Ka4! (5.Kb2 Be4) 5…Bd3 6.Ka5 Bxc4 7.Kb6+-

3.d7! White has no time for improving position .
Try : 3.Kb2 Bg8! 4.Ka3 f5! 5.Ka4 Kf6 6.Ka5 Be6! 7.Nh5+ Ke5! 8.Kb6 Kxd6=

3…Ke7 4.Ne6! Kxd7 5.Nf8+ Ke7 6.Nxh7 Kf7 7.Kd2! Kg7 Knight is trapped but White need to take maximum from yet to come pawn endgame 8.Ke3! White give up taking pawn. More important is better King position !
8.Nxf6? Kxf6 9.Kd3 (9.Ke3 Ke5! 10.Kxf3 Kd4!=) 9…Kf5! 10.Ke3 Ke5! 11.Kxf3 Kd4!=

8…Kxh7 9.Kxf3 Kh6! 10.Kg4!
10.Kf4? Kg6 11.Kg4 f5+! 12.Kf4 Kf6=

10…Kg6 11.Kf4 Kg7
11…f5 12.Ke5 Kg5 13.f3!+-

12.Kf5 Kf7 13.f3! Only this way! White is in zugzwang. Now in zugzwang is black 13.f4? Ke7 14.Kg6 Ke6 15.f5+ Ke5–+

13…Ke7 14.Kg6 Ke6 15.f4 f5 16.Kg5 Ke7 17.Kxf5+-