Nº20 Marc Gelly


Section B.1.

Marc Gelly (France )

wKh6,Pb4,ç6,e3,g4,h5/bKf1,Bb8, Nç5,Pb6,ç7

1…Ne6 2.b5+-

Thematic Try :
2.Kg5? Ba7! 3.Kf5 (3.h6 Ne4+ 4.Kf5 Nd6+ 5.Ke6 B×e3 6.h7 Bd4=) 3…Nb3! 4.g5 B×e3 5.g6 Bh6 6.Kf6 Nc5! 7.g7 Ne4+ 8.Kg6 B×g7 9.K×g7 Ng3! 10.h6 Nf5+ 11.Kg6 N×h6 12.K×h6 Ke2=
2.b×c5? b4 3.g5 b3 4.g6 b2 5.g7 b1Q 6.g8Q Qe4=
2.g5? Ne6 3.g6 Ba7=

2…Ke2 3.Kf5 Nb3 (or Ba7 or K×e3) 4.h6+-
2…Ne6 3.Kf5+-

3.Kf5? Nb3!= idem Try.
3.b×c5? B×c5 4.g5 b4 5.h6 B×e3 6.h7 Bd4 7.Kf7 b3 8.g6 b2 9.g7 B×g7 10.K×g7 b1Q 11.h8Q Qb2+ 12.Kg8 Q×h8+ 13.K×h8 Ke2 -+
3.g5? Nd3! 4.Kf7 B×e3 5.g6 Ne5+ 6.Kf8 Ng4 or Bd2-+

3…Ne6 4.Kf5!
4.e4? Bd4 5.Kf5 Nd8! 6.e5 N×c6 7.Ke4 Bc3 8.h7 B×e5 9.Kd5 Ke2=
4.Kf6? Nf8 5.e4 Be3 6.e5 B×h6 7.e6 N×e6 8.K×e6=

4…Nf8! 5.e4!!
5.Kf4? Ke2-+

5…Bd4 6.e5+-
5…Be3 6.g5+-

6.e5? or 6.g5? B×b4=

6…b4 7.g5!!
7.Kf6? or 7.e5? b3-+

7…b3 8.h7!
8.g6? N×g6 9.K×g6 b2 10.h7 b1Q 11.h8Q Q×e4+ 12.Kg5(f7)=

8…N×h7 9.g6 Nf6
9…Ng5 10.K×g5 b2 11.g7 b1Q 12.g8Q Q×e4 13.Qf7+ Kg2 14.Q×c7+-
9…b2 10.g×h7 b1Q 11.h8Q+-

10.K×f6 b2 11.g7 b1Q 12.g8Q Q×e4
White Win after:
13.Qe6 Qh4+ 14.Kg6 Qg3 15.Kf7! Qd3 16.Qe5 Qh3 17.Ke8+-
or 13.Qf7 Q×c6+ 14.Ke7+(#61 Nalimov T.6m)
or 13.Qg5 Q×c6+ 14Ke7 (#63 Nalimov T.6m)

THEME:The black counterplay begins with the sacrifices of both minor pieces on the same square (the first twice refused).White reaches the Win thanks to the judicious manoeuvre of his King coordinate with a precise advance of his pawns.