Nº25 Yochanan Afek


Section A.1.

Yochanan Afek (Israel)


1…Qa1+! 2.Kf4!
2.Kd6? Qxd1+ 3.Kc7 Qc1+ 4.Kb7 Qb1+ 5.Kc7 Qc1+ 6.Kd7 Qd1+ 7.Nd6+ Kg8!=
2.Kf5? Qf6+ 3.Kg4 Qxg7+ 4.Kf3 Qc3+=

2…Qd4+ 3.Qe4!+-

3.Kf5!! To let the knight be captured with a check!
3.Kg3? Qxd1 4.Qb7+ Kg8=
3.Ke5? Qa1+=

3…Qc5+ 4.Kg4! Still insists… 4…Qxc8+
4…Qd4+ 5.Kh3 Qe3+ 6.Qg3+-

5.Kg5! Into the fork!
Not by 5.Kh4? Qc4+! 6.Kh5 Kg8!=

5…Qd8+/c1+ 6.Kh5!! Now allowing the capture of the bishop with a check!
6.Kh6? Qf6+ 7.Kh5 Qf5+=

6…Qxd1+ 7.Kh6 Qd6+
7…Qc1+ 8.Kh7 Qb1+ 9.Kh8 Qa1 10.Qa2+! (10.Qf2+) 10…Qxa2 11.g8Q+-

8.Kh7 Qd3+ 9.Kh8 Qc3 10.Qf2+
10.Qg4 Qe5 11.Qf3+ Kg6 12.Qg3+ is loss of time

10…Kg6 11.Qg3+! Qxg3 12.g8Q+-
The only way for white to escape the chase is to sacrifice all 3 pieces and win wiht the last pawn.