Iuri Akobia ( Georgia) Mario G. García (Argentina) –

Mario Guido García ( Argentina) – Iuri Akobia ( Georgia)
3p. «Osintsev 50 JT».- 2010

1.Re2!? Thematic try 1…a3! (1…Cb5? not 2.Tc1+ Rb6 3.Txd7 main thematic line) 2.Tc1+ Rb5 /Kb6 and easy draw=

1…Rb5 2.Txd7 Ab2 3.Tcc7 Aa3 4.Re2+-

2.Re2? Also is wrong: 2…a3=

2…Cb5 3.Re2!
3.Td8!? The try There is «a study in a study». BTM, Black wins: 3…Ae5 4.Tc5 Ad6 5.Tc4 a3 6.Ta8 Cc7! 7.Txa3 Rb5 8.Tac3 Cd5 9.Tc5+ (9.Tc1 Cf4! 10.Rf1 e2+=) 9…Rxb4 10.T3c4+ (10.Txd5 or also 10…Ag3+=) 10…Rb3 11.Tc6 Ab4+ 12.Re2 Ce7 draws

3…a3 4.Rd3!
4.Th1!? Thematic try 4…Rc6! (4…Ae5? not 5.Th6+ Cd6 6.Tdxd6+ Axd6 7.Txd6+ Rb5 8.Td8+-) 5.Td8 a2 6.Ta8 a1D 7.Taxa1 Axa1 8.Txa1 Rd5! 9.Rd3 e2 10.Tc1 Cd4!=

4…Ab2 5.Tg1!!
important choice of the move by wR [5.Th1!? Thematic try 5…Rc6! 6.Td8 a2 7.Ta8 Ca3! 8.Ta5 Rb6 9.Th6+ Rb7 Kc7 10.Tf5 a1D 11.Tf7+ Rb8 /Kc8/Ka8 and Black’s win, because impossible Rh8 such in line 6/\a2 (see below)

5…Rc6 6.Td8 e2!
6…a2 7.Ta8 Ca3 8.Ta5 Rb6 9.Tg6+ Rb7 10.Tf5! a1D 11.Tf7+ Rb8 12.Tg8#

7.Rxe2 Cc7! to get on a6 8.Td2 Rb5 9.Rd3!
9.Tg5+? Rxb4 10.Rd1 Ac3 11.Tc2 Ab2 12.Th2 Ce6 13.Tg8 (13.Txb2+ axb2=) 13…a2 14.Txb2+ Ra3 15.Txa2+ Rxa2 16.Rc2 Ra3=

9…Rxb4 10.Rc2 Ce6 11.Tg4+ Rc5 12.Rb3 Cd4+ 13.Ra2+-

The Black interfer e with a strong move Nxb4 compelling to capture a pawn the wK –

10…Rxb4 11.Tg6 Cc5+ 12.Rc2 a2 13.Tg4+ Rb5 14.Rxb2 a1D+ 15.Rxa1 Cb3+ 16.Rb2 Cxd2 17.Rc3+-

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