Nº 18 Mario García & Alain Pallier (Argentina-Francia)


Mario García & Alain Pallier (Argentina-Francia)
HM JT60 M. Hlinka, .2013


1.Bh5? f1Q+ 2.Kxf1 Ng3+ 3.Ke1 Nxh5–+

1…f3+ 2.Kh2!
Try : 2.Kh3? Nd2 3.Bc5+ Ke4 4.Bc6+ (4.Bxf2 a3 5.Bc6+ Kd3–+) 4…Ke5 5.Bxf2 a3 6.Bg3+ Kd4 7.Bf2+ Kd3 8.Bd5 Ke2 9.Bd4 f2 10.Bxf2 Kxf2–+

2…Nd2 3.Bc5+ Ke4 4.Bc6+ (or transpose with Bxf2) 4…Ke5 5.Bxf2 a3 6.Bg3+ Ke6
6…Kd4 7.Bf2+ Kc4 8.Bd7 (1) 8…Kd3 e.g. 9.Bb5+ Kc3 10.Bg3 Nb3 (10…Kd4 11.Bf2+ Ke5 12.Bg3+ similar at solution) 11.Be1+ Kd4 12.Bf2+ Ke4 13.Be1=

7.Bf2 Kd6
7…a2 8.Bd4 f2 9.Bb5 (2) 9…Kd5 10.Ba1! f1Q 11.Bxf1 Nxf1+ 12.Kg2 /g1 12…Nd2 13.Kf2 Nb3 14.Bb2! Nc1 15.Ke3!=

8.Bb5 Ke5 9.Bg3+ Ke4
9…Kd5 10.Be8! (10.Bh4? Ne4–+) 10…Nf1+ (10…Ke6 11.Bf2 a2 12.Bd4 f2 13.Bb5= similar a (2)) 11.Kh3!=

Thematic Try : 10.Bh4? f2 11.Kg2 Ke5!! 12.Bg3+ Kd5 13.Bh4 Ne4! 14.Bd3 (14.Be8 Ke6 15.Bxf2 Nxf2 16.Ba4 Nd3–+) 14…a2 15.Bxe4+ Ke5 16.Bf3 f1Q+ 17.Kxf1 a1Q+ 18.Kg2 Qb2+ /a2–+

10…Kd4 11.Bf2+ Kc4 12.Bd7= similar a (1)

11.Bb5 f2 12.Kg2 f1Q+
12…a2 13.Be5=

13.Bxf1 Ke4 14.Bh4 Kf5 15.Bf2
15.Bd3+? Ke5 16.Bg5 a2 17.Bh6 Kf6–+

15…Ke5 16.Bg3+ Kd5 17.Bh4 Ne4 18.Bd3 a2 19.Bxe4+ Ke5 20.Bf3
20.Kf3? a1Q 21.Bg3+ Kd4 22.Bf2+ Kc4 23.Kg2 Qg7–+
or 20.Bc6? a1Q 21.Bg3+ Kf5 22.Bf3!= but is similar the posicion for the draw with one loss of time

20…a1Q 21.Bg3+=

The whites, achieved the theoretical position Ideal, for to equality