Nº10 Mario García & Iuri Akobia (Argentina –Georgia)


Mario García & Iuri Akobia (Argentina –Georgia)
1p. Víctor Zhuk 55 J.T. , 2010


For White it is necessary to take the first line on the control. 1.Rd1
1.Rh8? If White will play – Then Black win immediately 1…Bc5+ 2.Ka4 c2 3.Rh2 Ne2–+

1…Bd2 The bB has limited moves of wR, but but it plays very precisely 2.Rh1!
Try 2.Rg1!? .Kb6! 3.Ka4 Ne2 4.Rg6+ Kc5! 5.Rc6+ Kd4 (5…Kd5? 6.Rc8 Nd4 7.b6 c2 8.b7=) 6.b6 Bf4 7.b7 Kd3 8.Rc8 c2–+; 2.Rf1!? The same try 2…Kb6 3.Ka4 Ne2 4.Rf6+ Kc5 5.Rc6+ Kd4 etc

2…Ne2 3.Rh4! Kb6 4.Kb3=

3.Ka4 and play branches: 3…Nd3
main B [3…Ne2 main A 4.Kb3 Nd4+ 5.Kc4 Nc2 (5…Nf3 main A1 6.Kd3 Kxb5 7.Rh8! Ne1+ (7…Ne5+ or also 8.Kc2=) 8.Ke2 Kc4 9.Rd8=) 6.Rh3 Ne3+ 7.Kd3 (7.Rxe3? c2–+) 7…Nd5 8.Rh4! (8.Kc2? Nb4+–+) 8…Ka5 9.b6 Nb4+ 10.Ke2=

4.Kb3 Ne1
and again wR plays precisely: 4…Nc5+ 5.Kc2=

Try 5.Rg1!? Kxb5 zz 6.Rf1! Kc6 7.Rf6+ Kd5 8.Rf5+ Kd4 9.Rf8 c2 10.Rd8+ Ke3 11.Re8+ Kd3 12.Rd8+ Ke2–+

5…Kxb5 6.Rg1!!
– an unexpected move of wR [6.Rh1? Nf3 7.Rh5+ Kc6! 8.Kc2 Ne1+ 9.Kb3 c2–+

6…Ka5 7.Rf1! positional draw,
7.Rh1!? Kb6 8.Rg1 Kb5 etc, as in the try 5.Rg1!?

7…Ka6 8.Rf6+ Kb5 9.Re6 Nf3 10.Re4!=