Peter Gyarmati & Mario García


Peter Gyarmati & Mario García (Hungary –Argentina)

1er Premio Revista Phenix .2020

Theme: Positional draw by the elimination of the threat of two knights against pawns (Troitzky) and by the threat of domination of three minor pieces and pawn, against the Queen

Try :
1.Rg7? Be6! (no 1…Bd5? 2.b6 axb6 3.cxb6÷ see solution in position X1) 2.Rxa7 (2.c4? Nc2+–+; 2.b6? axb6 3.cxb6 Nd5+ 4.Ka5 Nxb6 5.Kxb6 Kxg3–+) 2…Nd5+ 3.Ka5 Nxc5–+
1.Re5? Nd2 2.c6 Nd5+3.Kc5 Kxg3 4.Rxd5 (4.c4 Nb6 5.Re7 Ndxc4 6.Rxa7 Bc2 7.c7 Bf5+-) 4…Ne4+ 5.Kd4 Bxd5 6.Kxd5 Nxc3–+

1…axb6 2.cxb6 Bd5!
main :
2…Nxg5 3.b7 Bd1 4.b8Q! (try : 4.c4? Nc2+! (4…Ne4? 5.b8Q Nxg3 6.c5 Bf3 7.Ka5= see solution position (X2)) 5.Kc3 Ne4+ 6.Kb2 Ne3–+) 4…Ne4 5.c4 Nxg3 6.c5! Bf3 7.Ka5! (X2) (try : 7.Qd6? Ngf5 8.Qd2+ (8.Qh2+ Kf1 9.Qd2 Bc6 10.Qc1+ Kf2–+) 8…Kg3 9.Qc1 Nd4 10.Qxe3 Nc2+–+) 7…Ne2 (7…Ngf5 8.Qh2+ /b2=) 8.Qh2+ Ke1 9.c6! (9.Qh5? Nd4–+) 9…Bxc6 10.Qh6 Nc4+ 11.Kb4= positional draw

3.Rg7 (position X1) 3…Kxg3
3…Nd6 4.Rxg4! (4.c4? Bf3 5.c5 Nb7–+) 4…Nxg4 5.Kc5!= no is possible » Troitzky»
3…Nxg3 4.c4 /b7=

4.b7? Bxb7 5.Rxb7 Nd5+ /d6–+ win by Troitzky 6.Ka5 Nd6 7.Rd7 Nc4+ 8.Kb5 Nde3–+ We have a classic ending where the Pawn will cost the Rook and the K + 2N / K + P position is winning as A. Troitzky has shown in several studies published since the late 19th century.

4…Nc2+ 5.Ka5!
5.Kb3? Nd4+ 6.Kb4 Nc6+ 7.Kb5 Nc3+ 8.Kc5 Bf3 9.b7 Na2 10.Rg8 Nab4 11.b8Q+ Nxb8 12.Kxb4 Nc6–+

5…Bc6 6.b7!
6.Rc7? Nd4 7.b7 (7.Kb4 Kf4 8.Rf7+ Nf5 9.Rc7 g3 10.Rxc6 Nfd6 11.b7 Nxb7 12.Rg6 Nbc5–+ Troitzky) 7…Bxb7 8.Rxb7 Nc5–+ Troitzky

6…Bxb7 7.Rxb7 Nc5 8.Rf7!
8.Rc7? Nd4 9.Rxc5 Nb3–+

8…Nd4 9.Kb4 Nde6 10.Kc3! Kh2 11.Kd2!
11.Rh7+? Kg2 12.Kd2 Kf3 13.Rf7+ Nf4–+

11…g3 12.Rh7+= positional draw e.g. 12…Kg1 13.Rh6 g2 14.Ke3 and Black can no longer progress without mobilizing their N and thus allowing c5 after which it is sufficient to sacrifice the Rook on Pg2 to make a draw (Troitzky)