Nº20 Vladimir Kuzmichev (Russia)

Section B.1.

Vladimir Kuzmichev (Russia)


1.Ng6+! – blocking the road to the pawn and seems to lose the tempo.
1.Nf7+? Kg8 2.g6 f1Q 3.Nh6+ Kf8 4.g7+ Ke8 5.g8Q+ Kd7 6.Qe6+ Kc7!= (no 6…Kd8? 7.Nf7+ Kc7 8Qd6+ Kc8 9.Qd8#)]

a) 1…. Kh7 2.Se7!! f1Q 3.g6+! Kh6 4.Nf5+! Kh5 5.Ng3+! – win

b) 1…. Kg8 2.Ne7+! Kf8 3.g6! f1Q 4.g7+! Ke8 5.g8Q+! Kd7
6.Qc8+! Kd6 7.Nf5+! Kd5 8.Ne3+! – win

Drawn asymmetric echo!