Nº2 Luboš Kekely & Michal Hlinka (Slovakia)


Section A.2.

Luboš Kekely & Michal Hlinka (Slovakia)


1.Ng4 Rxf7+ 2.Kb8!
them. try 2.Kb6? Rf4 3.Nf6 Rxf6 4.e5 Rf1 5.exd6 Ke8! 6.Kc7 Rf7+ 7.Kc8 Ra7 8.Rb6 Ra8+ 9.Kc7 Ra7+ 10.Kc8 Ra8+=

2…Rf4 3.Nf6! Rxf6
3…Kf7 4.Nh7! to edge 4…Ke6 5.Rc8! Ke5 (5…d5 6.Nf8+! to other edge 6…Kf7 7.exd5 Rd4 8.Rd8+-) 6.Re8+ Kd4 7.Ng5 Rg4 8.Rg8+-

4.e5! Rf7
4…Rf1 5.exd6 Ke8 6.Kc8! Rd1 7.Kc7+-

5.exd6 Rd7 6.Kc8 Ke8 7.Ra6! domination
7.Rb6? Ra7 8.Rc6 Ra8+ 9.Kc7 Ra7+ 10.Kc8 Ra8+=

7…Rd8+ 8.Kc7
8.Kb7? Kd7=

8…Rd7+ 9.Kc6
9.Kc8+- is only waste of time

9…Rd8 10.Kd5
10.Kc7+- is only waste of time

10…Kd7 11.Ra7+-

11.Ke6 and wins.

Meredith. Thematic try. Sacrifice. Knight moves to edge in side line 3.- Kf7. Domination.